Deet! Deet!
It's MOJO!
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Yes, I like the VW New Beetle, my father being a restorer of the vintage beetle, and even possessing one of three 'Sunbug's' that were made in 1970. I however, do not care for the old beetle, and instead, prefer the New Beetle!
Do you like the New Beetle, or something?
Why 'Mojo'?
If you've seen the movie, 'Herbie Goes Bananas', the boy in the movie names Herbie 'Ocho', meaning 8 in Spanish. (Herbie's number being 53. 5+3=8)
At first, I thought the kid called him Mojo, and know the rest of the story.
I hate the Beetle. Satisfy my tastes!
Okay, okay. Here is an Anti-Beetle page, but note this, I did not make it!
Here's an interesting tidbit: Did you know that the original Volkswagen beetle was commissioned by Hitler? He even received one for his birthday! The original name of the Beetle was KDF- Wagen. can GO now...if you want!