it's true, all i want is cool records and clothes. i read that line in a zine somewhere.

this is what i'm listening to right this minute. it's my favourite record in the world right now, THE DECLINE AND FALL OF HEAVENLY. tracks 2-4 especially are encroyable, as the french like to say. and the cover art rules. look at that cute kitten.

that's a crappy picture. stupid k website. i'm going to look on the internet for a better one.

this one is better.

here's my grocery list. in order of urgency.

khaela maricich look for it in the sky it will always be there (knw-yr-own)

kinski spacelaunch for frenchie

hrvatski swarm & dither

television personalities and don't the kids just love it?

television personalities yes darling, but is it art?

no new york compilation

can tago mago

john zorn locus solus

the zombies zombie heaven

the butthole surfers brown reason to live

the jocks time machine e.p. (new disorder)