Sega© Characters:

Sonic The Hedgehog

A young hero at the age of 16 has been fighting Dr. Ivo Robotnik for over a year in his life.  His buddy Tails (Miles) has helped him, but Knuckles has caused trouble. Though he has he helped Sonic anyway, Sonic considers him his "Friendly Nemesis."  Upon joining Knuckles in his band as lead guitarist, he's gotten along much better with him.

Knuckles the Echinda

This young guardian is very brave protecting his small island. He has had his troubles with Sonic but they learn to get along.  He is trying to be more careful around "strangers."&nbps; Unlike his long forgotten brother, Kevin, he tends to be a little more cautious (though not by much.)  He formed the band Metallica as the songwriter and drummer.

Miles "Tails" Prower

As young as he can be he loves to be with Sonic in troubled times.  He has a few meeting with Knuckles but hasn't fought him.  The special ability he has is to Fly.  He joined up with Metallica as a chance to prove he's not just a little kid anymore as the bassist.