News and Updates

24. January, 2003 16:14 (4:14 p.m.) Central Standard Time

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks.  This one's gonna be good, I did a mixing of voice and some guitar for tSf, which you can find here.  That is all for now

28. October, 2002 16:49 (4:49 p.m.) CST

Added another cover.  This time, instead of eating up another 1/3 of our space, I sent it to

3. September, 2002 19:57 (7:57 p.m.) Central Daylight Time

Hello all.  This is a minor update; I redid some links and rerecorded the Master of Puppets cover, cause I realized it sucked.  It's in the same spot, Covers

29. August, 2002 19:31 (7:31 p.m.) CDT

Wassup!  Well, the most recent update has been back in the Metallica section of our site, I recorded a simple, one guitar version of Master Of Puppets and uploaded it.  It's now available in the new Covers section.

2. August, 2002 23:07 (11:07 p.m.) CDT

Hello peeps!  I was expecting to spend more time updating this site over the course of this summer, but I got sidetracked.  But I recently made some changes to the home page and provided some links.  My co-manager, SonicStrike, just recently made a new fanart page, so check that out while you're at it.  Thanks for stopping by SonicStrike1.

29. May, 2002 18:24 (6:24 p.m.) CDT

Okay, I changed around some links in Dragon Warrior to make them shorter and linked to the walkthrough in the Dragon Warrior page—I can't believe I forgot to do that.  It was getting to be a pain, so feel free to contact me if there's a broken link I might have missed.  Thanks.

20. May, 2002 14:08 (2:08 p.m.) CDT

I've recently obtained Dragon Warrior Monsters 2--Tara's Adventure, and yes, I knowingly and willingly chose the female character.  A walkthrough is in the works, however, I expect to finish the Dragon Warrior 7 Walkthrough first.  Should I obtain Cobi's Journey, I will post a walkthrough; however, the more likely scenario is that SonicStrike will write one when he gets it.  No guarantees, though.

Any other updates for the next few days or weeks will just be minor additions to the walkthrough, so I won't update news every time.

14 May, 2002 14:09 (2:09 p.m.) CDT

Yesterday I added some more song info pages that weren't done yet and today I finished them and put them up.  I also made a few style adjustments to the news and home pages.

2. May, 2002 14:18 (2:18 p.m.) CDT

Just some small edits made to the song info pages.

30 April, 2002 14:20 (2:20 p.m.) CDT

Changed around the character page and created Sega© character page.

29. April, 2002 13:52 (1:52 p.m.) CDT

Added a couple of entries to ...And Justice For All song info page.  Also checked up on the hit count for the site.  Thank you to all our viewers, and please be sure to tell us if there is anything wrong, questions, comments, etc.

I changed some stuff around in the character info page.  I plan to seperate into two seperate pages, one for my characters, and one for Sega© characters.

I also have added SonicStrike1 to a search engine or two.  I don't think we can continue to grow if the all we have is small adds and links on a few messageboards.

26. April, 2002 15:25 (3:25 p.m.) CDT

Obviously, just added the news page.  Now you, our visitors, can see when we update these pages.  Also fixed a mistake for the song info page.

I've created a style page that I think is perfect for this site, unfortunately I can't seem to link to it on the other pages.  I also copied it and manually put it into The Unknown Guardian, I think for all of them, but if not then I know I did part one.  The style page I have puts the royal blue color on the black background with link colors of various shades of bright green.  As soon as I figure out what I'm doing wrong (or if I can get some help) I'll put it on all of them.

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