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Sonja, Meaghan, and Iain, 2002

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We are Erin and Sonja Crocker. We were married on April 12, 1997. Erin furnishes the ideas and I do all the encoding! We have two children, Meaghan and Iain. We also have a beautiful family.

I love the internet! I am verse in how the computer works, but give me one problem and I run out of the room. I am more software oriented. When it comes to hardware, I give it to Erin. I also *LOVE* doing things for people! If anyone out there needs help building a page, let me know! I will be glad to give you pointers or even do the work for you. I also love fencing.

Erin builds computers. He loves to play Dark Age of Camelot and Dungeons and Dragons. He also enjoys science fiction and fantasy. The X-Files, Doctor Who, and British Comedies are his favorite things to watch.

Unitarian Universalist Association

I just recently became a member of First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church. They are a very loving and supportive church. It is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association and teaches religion - not a single religion. I love it because it is non-judgemental and believes in the "dignity and inherent worth of EVERY person." We have people from all faiths there: Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Agnostics, and everyone in between. We are also a welcoming congregation for the GLBT Community. I love being able to have my family be a part of such a diverse community. I feel that it helps us grow and learn. Check out some of our favourite things!

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The Daily 100
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The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
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E-mail Sonja at: sonja_crocker@yahoo.com

Email Erin at: tsukiyomi@uomail.com

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