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Hi I'm Sonja. I'm 24 years old and expecting my first child 10-03-2005 I hope you enjoy my site.

Our Baby story starts here. I had implanon contraceptive in my arm as I didnt wish to have children. I had it in my left arm for over a year and it was giving my body nothing but problems, after heart break that I don't like to talk about. So I had it removed to save my body and to try and fix it. My boyfriend David and I had been using other contraceptives while discussing if we would try for our first child. My partner and I decided we would and stopped using contraceptives all together and we'd only been trying a little while after having my implanon removed and to my suprise I fell pregnant. The day I found out we were expecting was Wednesday July the 07 2004.

Which was our show day in Townsville North Queensland Australia. David and I had been arguing that day funnily enough we never usually fight but this day we did. We decided to go to the show and try and calm down. I didn't wanna go on any of the rides except the dodgeum cars however I felt really off and David commented that I didn't look to crash. We were walking when I suddenly felt weak and dizzy and said I had to sit down.

We went home that night and I decided to go to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test cause my period was 3 days late but I wasnt going to get to excited cause weeks before hand I got a negitive result. I came home and did it straight away and before my eye's it came up positive I thought I was dreaming I started crying. I drove to David's and showed him I was so excited I said I'm going to the doctor he tried tell me to wait till the following day and I said no bugger that I wanna know if this is real. So I went to the doctors hoping to see my gp but she was to busy and I saw another and he tested me and got positive straight away to. He then sent me for a blood test and gave me a referal for my 1st ultra sound.

My blood test came back as 900 BHCG which ment PREGNANT!!! Doctor said about 4/5 weeks gestation according to blood results. So I waited two weeks and went for my ultra sound and the sonographer said an early gestation sack is present. A foetal pole with a Bi Polor length of 5mms is shown within. This is consistent with a gestational age of a little over 6 week +/- 1 week and an estamated delivery of 13-03-2005. A normal foetal heart rate of 164 beats/minute was recorded. A yolk sac was indentified. No adnexal abnormality is detected.

I had tears coming out of my eyes when I saw they got a heart beat as early as 6 weeks. It makes me wonder how someone can have an abortion because although it's a sac it's still alive. So this is the first chapter of a nine month story read on to see how I've been going and where I am in my pregnancy. I guess this is away to share my thoughts and feelings with everyone. The funny thing about all this my doctor was telling me how to get pregnant and although I'm over weight I'd have trouble concieving but I guess her method did work and we also proved her wrong. I also know I run the risk of having a premie baby but fingers crossed that we dont.

Six weeks onwards. Well the morning sickness really kicked in like all day and boy did I feel yukko this lasted till about the 12th week and then it was once in a blue moon. The things that turned my stomach was coffee the taste and the smell and I loved coffee and the smell of eggs frying. The garbage bin also made me sick and cat food. Once I got over the morning sickness bit that was cool. Some perfumes turned me off to. I also hated being touched and yes erm sex. Everyone kept telling me it would get better but I didnt believe them. I also hated the way I looked and I was and still am jealous of seeing skinny people that can wear what ever they want.

At the 12 week mark I noticed a bump happening and I thought that was cool I was starting to look pregnant and then my clothes didnt fit me anymore which disheartend me. I've had the angry stage to not so much crying though. After the 12 week mark I knew this baby was ment to be I hadn't had any bleeding at all but I was put in hospital three times twice for pain and once for dizzy spells which turned out my iron was very low. I've been taking iron/folate tabs called fefol but I couldnt stomach them so I took straight iron and folate tabs and also calcium. I switched back to the fefol but I saw Elevit for women pregnancy and lactation vitamins and they had 11 vitamins and 7 minerals including iron and folate and calcium and I've been on them nearly a month now and wow I feel great.

I recommend them to any pregnant lady or and lady that is trying to concieve. Anyways I had my first lot of blood tests and I was told there was more to come I rolled my eyes over that. All my results where fine. We're on shared care which means we go between my doctor and the hospital. At 12-14 week mark after the blood tests I went to my first antenatal clinic. It was good and I got my first bounty bag woohoo. I was explained about my pregnancy and I heard bub's heart beat for the first time the midwive said 156bpm's I was like wow thats amazing. Bub had a good strong heart beat again. The midwive also back dated me one day to the 12-03-05 she said it was because of the fundas height and fetal position.

I was told my dates would keep changing. I thought the midwive was great well she was a training one and I hope she delivers my baby. She did a test on me to see how I rated for postnatal depression well I erm scored pretty high so they are going to keep and eye on me. Hopefully I dont get PND. The doctor however wasnt so nice and she was making me sound like I wanted an amnio and I didnt want one of them hell no I wasnt running the risk of miscarrying my baby for anyone. She said the do a triple blood test to determine if you need one seeing as I was to far along for a scan for spina bifida and other birth defects.

I had the blood test done although previously my doctor told me I'm only young so my baby should be fine. I got the results back and I was at very low risk of my baby having a birth defect I was really relieved. Because I was scared that maybe something might be wrong with my baby and I was worrying about nothing. At 16-20 weeks I went for a sugar level blood test cause I run the risk of gestational diabites my mother had it when she was pregnant with me and and diabities is in my family but my test came back good. I was a little stunned cause I'd been drink so much soft drink.

I was weighed to each month up until now I've put 5kg's on in 5 months and I was shocked at that to cause I've been eating lots of potato chips, lollies, mc donalds chicken nuggets, red rooster chicken rolls and kfc chicken burgers. Seems like chicken is a big thing with me I do eat a healthy breakfast how ever and eat healthy dinner and I also love tropical juice yummo. Also my blood pressure has been good so far and I havent swollen up yet in the hands and feet. I also had an ultra sound at 18 weeks my 2nd ultra sound I was excited at this one cause I saw a real baby this time who was very active I must say. The bf was loving it to.

The sonographers report said A single viable foetus is present. Phew no twins. I have a small chance of having twins anyways. It is vertex presentation back to the right at the time of examination. In other words bub has it's back turned to me. A BPD of 43mm, Head circumference of 157mm, abdomen circumference of 136mm and femur length of 27mm gives a gestational age of almost 19 weeks +/- 1 week. Well was I shocked I should of been early 18 weeks according to my dates. Estimated delivery 10-03-2005 Three times this date has been changed now it still stands at 10-03-2005. But I guess my next ultra sound at 32 weeks will either confirm or push me a little forward.

No foetal abnormality is detected ultrasound examination. A four chamber heart was identified with foetal stomach, kidneys and urinary bladder detected. Four foetal limbs were identified. A normal foetal heart rate of 146bpm's was recorded. The liquor appears normal. The plecenta is anterior, clear of the internal os. I got bf to walk out of the room seeing as he didn't want to know the sex and I did. I found out. I'm sure my pregnancy weeks counter at the top was a dead give away color blue mean BABY BOY!!! I was bursting to tell someone so bf let me told him. We'd been arguing since day one I said girl he said boy my mum and brother also said boy and I said I was glad I didn't bet $50 like I was nearly going to.