I don't recall the exact path that led me to, but if I did, I'd curse it back to hell from which it came. The concept goes something like this...

A user posts their picture on the page, along with a short profile, kinda like a matchmaking service. Other users then *RATE* you on a scale from one to ten!! Of course, the system logs IP addresses and only lets you vote on each person one time.

You don't even need to see the page to know what kind of people participate in such a contest. Plastic, hollow shells of humanity engaged in an asinine popularity contest. These are the people who hated you (and vice-versa) in high school. Now its time for a little revenge.

Using the method detailed on this page, I was able to accomplish several things. First, I added a completely goofy picture I found on the net and was able to move it to the #1 position in the rankings. Second, I was able to move the pretty boyz & girlz at the top significantly lower in the standings. After that, I found other "ugly ducklings" and proceeded to boost their status on the page.

During this time it was interesting and pleasantly surprising to note the extreme derision expressed by others on my Comments board. Phrases like "you are fucking ugly", "Yucki!", and "...i am sufficiently frightened by this man's eyes" stand out as some of the more witty repartee to grace the page.

Unfortunately, even with my cheat, the future members of boy bands around the world are an overwhelming force to be reckoned with. Your help is needed. I don't ask that you vote for me, as a matter of fact, I'd recommend against it...people are suspicious, and the goal here is to have as many different freaks at the top as possible. Vote down the skinny, blond-haired ones who would, according to an actual profile, spend their last 24 hours worshipping the lord. Vote Ugly! Vote Now! Protest the mainstream standards of beauty!

Even if you don't want to go through the trouble of installing MultiProxy, for chrissakes, go to anyway. Wreak fucking havok!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Get MultiProxy at
2) Download the anonymous proxies list...saving it on your hd as a plain text file.
3) Install MultiProxy. Go into the "Options" and "Proxy Servers list" tab. Click Menu -> Files -> Import Proxy List.
4) In the "General options" tab, set it to connect via "Anonymous proxies only" and to the "next available server"
5) Once you've done that and had the program check the proxies, you need to go into your browser settings and enable proxy server with address (local host address) and port 8088.
6) Go to the and terrorize 'em.

Note: If a server has already been used, will tell you to fuck off. Just go back and try again. MultiProxy will automatically cycle thru the servers. - Another list of all anonymous proxies can be found here.

Still another list you can download with 17,000 proxies. You may want to cut and paste about 300 at a time to a separate text file before you import. Its a crapshoot whether MultiProxy will choke on a list any larger than this.

Good luck!