Residents in Sooke are concerned about the imminent tax hikes to pay for the new sewer system.

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TíSou-ke Band questions Outfall

By Robin Wark for the Sooke News Mirror, March 25, 2003

TíSou-ke First Nation band members and elders had a number of questions about Sookeís proposed community sewer systemís outfall, which would be located near Reserve No. 2, when district representatives attended a public meeting last Wednesday.

The major concerns expressed by the nationís elders, articulated by Frank and Jack Planes, related to whether the effluent would be caught up in the in-shore current and forced back to the beaches. Frank Planes, the hereditary chief, also wondered why the proposed two-kilometre long pipe curved instead of going straight out.

Municipal engineer Gary Smirfitt said the district will take those questions and others posed at the meeting to the consultants and bring them back to the nation.

John Stephen, a Sooke resident and former fisheries officer, was given some time by the nation following a district presentation, to express his views on the subject. He emphasized the importance of the environment to Sooke and said he is concerned what could happen to it if there was a problem such as a pipe breaking in an earthquake or if the plant had a major breakdown.

"Iím not against sewers but I am against the discharge pipe," he said.

Frank Planes said the elders would wait for answers from the district and then they would meet and speak about the issue.



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