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I think I'd like to go back home and take it easy. There's a woman that I'd like to get to know a living there. Everybody seems to wonder what it's like down here. I gotta get away from this day to day runnin' around.

From "Every knows this is Nowhere".. Neil Young

Like a Hurricane

Once I thought I saw you in a crowded hazy bar. Dancing on the light from star to star. Far across the moon-beams, I know that's who you are. I saw your brown eyes turning once to fire.

You are like a hurricane: there's calm in your eye. And I'm getting blown away. There's somewhere safer where the feelings stay. I wanna love you but I'm getting blown away!

Songs played at a recent Concert in Minneapolis (9/7/96)

Hey Hey, My My | Pocahontas | Big Time | Slip Away The Needle and the Damage Done | Heart of Gold | Sugar Mountain Cinnamon Girl | Fuckin' Up | Cortez the Killer | Music Arcade Like a Hurricane || Down by the River || Sedan Delivery Roll Another Number

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