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Dave Rogers - fact or fiction?

In June 1994, Dave Rogers, an elaborate practical joke devised by two students at the University of Ohio, first began posting to Usenet. Since then he has convinced the inhabitants of numerous newsgroups, mailing lists, talkers and magazines of his physical existence.

Time, now, to take a more sceptical look: Does Dave Rogers really exist?

Here, at a variety of sites on the World Wide Web, are articles ostensibly written by Dave and stored on other people's web sites. You can also find him on Monty Python's Flying Talker, under the name Ozymandias, King of Ants.

Real person, complex artificial intelligence program, or simplistically obvious scam? You are number to ponder this problem.

View what little evidence is available, one way or the other.

Links to several pieces from the newsgroup.
A stirring tale from Dave is a noted Paver[tm], and a keeper of The List[tm].
A familiar sketch in an unfamiliar guise, from alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb.
Dave's "The Newbie's Song" has turned up in several places - here is an account of its sightings.
Monty Python's Flying Talker. Who knows, he may be there now!
Monty Python's Flying Talker. Who knows, he may be there now!
Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction.

Here are some of Dave Rogers' activities in the real world, or good fakes.

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