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My name is Jeff Gann, I go by the nick TxGent on IRC and various other chat services I've been on.

I am originally from Denton,Tx. I was born there in 1966 and lived there up until August of 1995, at which time I moved to Tampa,Florida to be with my love, Dedra.

We met on the Net back in December of 94 and have been together ever since. We were married February 15th, 1996 in Murphy, N.C.

I am presently employed by GTE as a System Administrator. Before this I worked in the traffic signal field for 10 years.

Dedra has lived in Tampa all her life, and works for the Bankruptcy Court.

We have 5 children. Christina, 12, Bobby, 11, Melody, 9, Jessica 9, and Peggy , 7.


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