Hi!! For those of you who don't already know, my name is SargonZ. This is my webpage. Welcome. Enjoy. Sign the guestbook for all I care!

(6/15/07 - It has been quite a while since I updated here. I'm going to leave things the way that they are, because it amuses me to have a look back at this time in my life. Hope nobody minds.) I'm in my 5th and final year (well, half-year) at Scranton now. I almost never update this page, or any other. I'm a busy girl, what can I say. I occasionally upload a paper to here so I can download my work elsewhere and print it from there. It does in fact work that way. Still studying Neuroscience, Philosophy, but - alas - no longer minoring in Theatre. Still barefoot sometimes, though they're trying to break me of it. Still a little insane, but hey.. that's just me. I now play the violin with the University String Orchestra! (Actually I'm teaching myself to play, so maybe I should say I "try to play".) I sing, I do theatre, go barefoot a little, do a little web page stuff once in a blue moon... not that you could tell by looking at my page here ;) I know, it's a mess. I'll fix it up one of these days... but probably not for a while. 14 credits, applying to medical school, and lots of extracurriculars are enough to juggle.
More later...

My dad shaved his beard! See it here.
My friends, and messages to them.
My hobbies, likes, dislikes,etc.
Philosophy and Knitting! Unrelated? Maybe!
The Theatre!! My second home. :)
See Me!
American Perspectives on Medical Ethics - my papers for this class.
Tori - This page will (eventually) have Tori Amos pics, etc... I can't seem to get the images I captured off her new video to display properly. Anyone with any ideas, feel free to drop me a line.

Links to my favorite sites on the Net

Dear Prudence's Webpage - A really cool page - some good linx too.
If you like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this site's for you! It has just about every Douglas Adams link ever imaginable, but it doesn't appear to have been updated in like forever! Okay, I admit, this site is probably hopelessly outdated, but it used to be mildly amusing...

Ghent's homepage. Ghent is really cool - visit here. Ghent - I borrowed some code....hope you don't mind....
The Dirty Sole Society I am a barefooter. It is healthy, not at all unnatural or risky. If you wish to learn more about the joys of going barefoot, please visit this site. This page is wonderfully informative, and is the hub of a wonderful community of barefooters from all over the world! So drop by!

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