Caroline's Wonderful World!

Welcome to my homepage. I hope that you like it here. Seasoned visitors will have noticed that I have changed it yet again.. alas, the pink backgroud has gone for a more sophisticated (but not as much fun) blue.. this is mainly because the pink was beginning to give me a headache..

Come here and find some more out about me

About Me

Here are some photos of me and my friends on holiday.

Holiday Snaps

Come here to find out more about my friends from home

My Friends Page

And here to find out about my friends from uni

My Uni Friends Page

A page dedicated to my Tickle Me Elmo...

Elmo's Page

Here are all my favourite links

My Links

I've set up my own guestbook, and any entries would be gratefully received.. good or bad, I don't (really) mind!

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So far people have visited this page. Thank-you to every one of you.


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