Scooby Rules!!

welcome to app's homepage!!

i plan to live forever... or die in the attempt!!!

hi, my name is appalonia.. but you can call me app!! don't you feel special.. so, you're probably expecting some glamourous home page.. something like one of those people who actually know what their doing's home page, am i correct.. well you're wrong!!  i'm not gonna put junk on my home page.. just the good stuff.. and i'm only gonna give it to you in little amounts too. *smile*

    so, if you want to look around, go ahead.. that's kinda the point of a home page.. but if you are looking around to find something that's sick and puts down women.. well, you've come to the wrong place.. 'cause i'm 100% woman!!  i do not plan on putting women down.. oh hi scrat!! (personal message)

    if you want to fill my mailbox with junk, you can...  gee, sometimes i even like the junk that gets sent there..

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well... good-bye for now. 

pss.. for email: appalonia

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