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Hi there!!! I'm Jalissa!!! If you're visiting from know me...the one so HOPEFLESSY DEVOTED to a guy named HUSKY!!! A Little About Me I live in Holland Ohio. I attend theU of Toledo. I'm finally going to graduate by March,. My parents live in Sylvania. MY dad is a teacher at Sylvania Southview High School. My mom is the secretary at Otsego High School. That's where I went to school. I also have a brother..Jeff. Jeff also attends the U of Toledo. We're both going to be teachers. Jeff got married last December 23 to Joanna. Joanna and Jeff now live in Rossford. Joanna is a reading teacher and Jeff coaches cross country, basketball and track while he goes to school. I hope to soon have some pictures of my family on here...but it may take a little while. I have plans to be an elementary school teacher...I'd like to teach kindergarten. That is a big dream. I never thought I'd like to do that..until I stepped foot into my classroom for my earlychildhood ed practicum. From then on...kindergarten has been my ideal grade to teach. Everyone thinks it's a breeze...WRONGO!! Those little boogers have attention spans of about 5 minutes max!! They really can keep you hopping!!! Until recently, I thought I'd be sticking around the Northwest Ohio area. June I became acquainted with someone who changed my mind about that. Yes visitors from Mojo..HUSKY!! for the good favorite subject as of late!! Husky is from Moscow, Idaho. Husky and I met in Mojo on June 7, 1996 and became friends pretty fast. Believe it or not he was asking me how to meet some OTHER girl....whom became known about a week later as QUICKYSTOP!!! I asked him about my heart problems too...and about a week later, I was rid of all but one!!! ROCKET SCIENTIST!! Now he's outta here too!! Husky and I decided we liked each other a lot almost a week after we began talking. This revelation came about in Mojo...with the help of a guy named BARTENDER...who has a homepage..but I have to get the address. We've had good times and big time bad times...just a couple little cyber misunderstandings...which were corrected promptly!! Soon after we got together...Husky gave me a nick name...his angel. LOTS of happy times and a big sad time!! well..a couple now.. Husky came to visit me here in Ohio on August 28, and he was here almost two weeks. NOT long enough of course...but I will hopefully get to go see him in December..and spend Christmas with him and his family...Anyway...Husky and I did some travelling. The first place we went to see was the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. That was a lot of fun. We saw all kinds of mementos and tributes to players...including the infamous O.J. At the end of our visit there, we played a game where we got to be coaches and using a computer system, call the plays to game video clips on a screen. Guess what...I came out ahead a couple times. Husky is a former high school football I was quite surprised. Let me be the first to say that it was PURE LUCK!!!! I couldn't coach football to save my life!!! He's the coach..I'm just lucky!! ...but we had fun!!! Following the Football Hall of Fame....Husky and I made our way towards Gettysburg. After a LONG search for a place to stay...and some stressful twists and turns we MADE it!! We didn't get to see as much as we wanted to see..but it was SO pretty there!!! And Husky explained everything that happened to me. We took the Auto Tour on was really neat!! I learned to drive about 15 mph so he could stop and take pictures. We had a lot of fun!!! He's the greatest. Pics to come soon!!...We shared a week in Toledo...Husky made me dinner!!! He's a good'll have to ask him for his chicken recipe..I also cooked for him....and he DID live!! Twice even...I think my cooking went over much better than my driving..*smile*. We went to Packo's on the last Thursday he was here. Then on the next Saturday we went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. WOW!!!! You should see all the neat planes!!! and they have space things too!! If you ever are passing thru Ohio...go there!! Husky isn't the ONLY friend I've made in Mojo...just the sweetest!! sorry guys!! But this is my friend LAUREN and her husband. Cute pic huh?? Oh...and I love cartoons...Scooby is one of my favorites...because then I get a chance to say..."RI ROVE RU RUSKY!!" SO it's me and the Husky!!! and we're proof positive that long distance relationships work...if you make them. Husky is a FOOTBALL lover...which is one of the reasons we went to the Football Hall of Fame...and it was fun!! But he actually loves college football more than pro football. His favorite team is the Washington Huskies..which is where he got HUSKY!!...makes sense doesn't it?? I have a couple of really cute pics of him!!! that are getting printed..and the store I took them to get printed LOST the pics and the negatives...I've raised all kinds of crap with the manager...and he's trying to find them...but thus luck!! Stay tuned....same time...same channel...k?? I admit to being a SOAPAHOLIC!!! As the World Turns is my all time favorite. If you like card's BLACKJACK....have fun!! I also LOVE to cook....and here's a good recipe site if you like cooking too!! I have a couple more Kallie and JimiJam's home pages.... JIMIJAM Kallie Husky's store has a page too..that is currently being worked soon as I have the address...I'll put it on!!! And here's one more link....just in case any crazy little college girls stop can look at these.

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