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Okay, so this is a long overdue update.  Much happening over the past...geez, how long has it been?  So hopefully this will keep all of you waiting for the next word on what's been going on with me a taste of what you've been missing.  Yes, I'm awfully egocentric.  ; )

Anyway, since this is just an index page and all, I'll make you do the browsing and let you figure out where you're going. Here are some links to help you navigate around the site.

My Boring Life
Net Buddies
Some awful writing
Stuff I like

And now, for something on the lighter side...

The Top Nine Reactions When Asked Out By Dave

(Because Ten would probably be a copyright infringement)

9. I have to pray for the Armageddon.
8. Can I bring my boyfriend?
7. And how much are you paying me?
6. No hablo ingles.
5. I don't believe in charity.
4. I'm sorry, did you mistake me for your computer?
3. Did I leave my "Annoy Me" sign on again?
2. Do I look like I need to perform community service???
And the number one response when being asked out by Dave...

I didn't know monkeys could be attracted to humans!

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