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I am an avid skydiver
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Geared up
My Info:
Le Roy
Bridge Day
2004, 25th Anniversary
Me in  Afghanistan. 2002
Not Sure what I was thinking
My Suzuki SV650S
13.097 sec @ 104 MPH in the 1/4 mile
Also 13.3 @ 105 MPH in the 1/4 mile
Me in Eloy, Arizona @ Skydive Arizona for the world record 300 way skydiving formation on 12 Dec 2002
My Bird-man suits that allow me to "fly" through the air like a bird and give me over 2 minutes of freefall time.
My colleague Flying through the air while I was videoing him.
  Go Chucky
Protection form the afgahn sand and wind
More Pics
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