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Hi, yes my name is John, Chicago is just a moniker I acquired while working in California. Not quite sure why it stuck? But everyone tells me it has something to do with attitude, hhhmmm. Anyway, let me tell ya a bit about myself and some of my friends (friends?hahaha me? yeah, right) I am 40 years old and have a 14 year old son. I work as a machinist for United AirLines. I spend a lot of my time in mIRC. If not there I may be found at either GameZone playing spades or games grid playing backgammon. Lately I have been spending a lot of time here. Even been helping beginners with lessons, thus the quick downward spiral of my ratings. As for interests, I enjoy playing any sport. I enjoy learning (funny, I never did when I was younger), and would drop everything to play Hockey. I mean everything!!!!

Let's see, I met my wife, Diana, back when I lived in California on Thursday, Jan. 5, 1989. It should be pointed out that I am the one who remembered this information. It was an evening like so many others. I was in a bar winning everyone’s money at 9-ball (was almost a second job). You’d think she would have shown some gratitude for saving her from the drunks (instead..she married me). Anyway, she acted like she couldn’t stand me (typical woman). As time went on I taught her to play pool rather well, for a woman, hahaha. Eventually I took her out and taught her to sail, (have to make her like the stuff I do). Did you ever notice how men always seem to have a motive? With the help of a friend, I finally convinced her that we have to retire on a sailboat (YES!!!!!). We then took advantage of an opening in Indianapolis (I got tired of paying for the weather). I could never get her interested in the computer, until, mIRC came along, where she is known as Sash. Then came Gamezone, same nick. But I think the clincher was Games grid where she plays backgammon, can’t seem to get her off the computer at all now. This is where she has outdone herself. She is known as Sash, DaSash, Sashie, and who knows what else. In all honesty she is a great woman and I’m glad she’s in my life……. Alright……. what I really mean is she’s a pain in the - ouch!!! (she just walked in on me). Great, now she wants rebuttal space. If you’re interested in what she has to say (which I know you won’t be) click on Sash.She finally did it!!

Friends,let's see, first I guess would have to be Bill, who goes by the nick HUSAB, which is short for Husaberg. My real life best friend who lives in L.A. (better him than me). He helped me found the Yacht Club. He likes his privacy so I won't tell any of his secrets, yet. I'll talk to him and let him add his own bio here, so to speak. Only problem is he tend's to embellish, just a bit! If you don't believe me just read the legend of Jumpin' John Flash!!!

Next would be a very nice lady I met on IRC that goes by the nick Tassie^ .Thanks to all her questions I am constantly learning new things. She has become a very good friend. She has her own channel on another net called Tassie's Terrace, She has become a very good spades partner and many nights we can be found in the gamezone, hopefully winning. :)

Speaking of the Gamezone there is a great couple I met there, moma and Mut. Iwill add more here after speaking with them.

I met a pretty hyper lady on the GamesGrid, she is partially responsible for me getting off my a** on this. Ske kept riding me saying I was lazy, so off I went. She has quite a few nicks there but will always answer toMichelle.Plus, she is very beatable, hahahahaha

Speaking of being beatable, Howie, aka pngpng, is. In all seriousness he has become a very good friend while trying to tutor my wife at backgammon, wish I had his patience.

I lost a lot of my links when transferring this but I will be updating this from time to time. Am haveing a lot of fun now that I have an idea of what to do. I have added a links page, so check back often, you never know, you may be included ;)

any comments or suggestions?? Or just a great sailing story you want added here!

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