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I started collecting Barbie in November 1997. I had been thinking about it for some time but did not make the leap to collectors status until I gave in to an impulse buy while cruising the toy aisle at a local department store.

There she was, calling to me to take her home; my 1960's Reproduction Wedding Day Barbie.

Well, you know what happened next.. window shopping, contemplating, examining the boxes and, justifying all of the reasons of why I needed this one and that one. Within one year just one Barbie grew to thirty five Barbies.

I still have my 1970-71 Malibu Barbie pictured above. I had to cut a deal with my mom to get her back into my possesion. This deal required moving Jen's Barbie World from California to Virginia. It was worth it.

For my one year Barbie collecting anniversary, I purchased a 1963 Blonde Bubblecut with the 1963 Prom Date Dress.

I buy alot of my Barbies from online internet auctions @ This is an excellent way to comparison shop the secondary market. And, it's fun when you are in an all-out bidding war for that special doll.

I hope you enjoy this page. I will update it as my collection grows.

Taking the Summer off to do some other stuff, still collecting, just not updating the page. Might re-build the page this Fall, any suggestions?

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