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Denise Cohen

Established October 6, 1996!
on: 06/21/05 11:23:45 PM
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Welcome to Dee's Web Place!
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11/07/05: What are you waiting for? Come and see it now:  DeniseNY.

Note: I will keep the old Dee's Web Place up indefinitely. So you can still browse this site. However, I will not be doing any updates here. To see updates and new content be sure to visit and bookmark!

While you are there, be sure to check out my NEW FORUM! A great place to drop me a line, chat about different things and even let me know what you think of the new site! Hope to see you there! - Connecting Real People!

Many images throughout this website have been custom designed by the webmaster (aka ME). If you choose to borrow any, please be kind to link your page back to mine. Any image that has a COPYRIGHT located either on the image or within the animated code are NOT available for public use. Refer any questions to Thank you. Dee