Leviathan WHO they were. John Lutzow and Ronnie Skeen (Guitars and back up vocals). Trevor Helfer, Drums, Derek Blake, Bass, and Jeff Ward, ,Vocals.

Their Best CD was out and available though Corrosive Records

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The album Title is Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage. It is wonderful. Professionally done, and mixed.

    Here's a List on the Songs On the CD:
  1. Census of Strars
  2. Mindless Gane Control
  3. Madness Endeavor
  4. Pages of Time
  5. Are First Loves Forgotten?
  6. So Where is God?
  7. Confusion
  8. Don't Look To Me
  9. Passion Above All Else

The Last album of this group in the band was released over a year ago ! Heres the Title and list for that album. LEVITHAN

    Here's a List on the Songs On the CD SCORING THE CHAPTERS:
  1. Salvation
  2. Friends Imaginary
  3. Paying The Toll
  4. The Door
  5. J. Christopher's Haunting
  6. If These Walls Could Talk
  7. All Sins Returned
  8. Scar Barrow's Fare
  9. Last King Of The Highlands
  10. Born Unto, But Don't Belong To Me
  11. Leftist Out
  12. Turning Up Broken
  13. Failing Avalon
  14. Apologies Wanting To Make Good
  15. Legacy Departing

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  16. The sound of the Band was quite rich and full. The Band was from Englewood, Colorado. Call your local station or Better yet E-mail your local stations and request Levithan's Songs.

    IF you would like more information on the band or would like their CD's just click and ask away! Or go to the Corrosive Records Web site.
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