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Why a home page about chat lines?

Shortly after connecting to the net I discovered chat lines. Now I am hooked and thought that it may be a good idea to share some resources that I have found, and perhaps to collect some fresh ideas from others. If you know of any chatlines that I haven't listed, please email me with details.

This page lists a number of text based chat sites. "Chatting" allows multiple users to talk (type) to one another in real time and is similar to using a telephone. Chatting can be done through your Web browser using any of the sites listed here, or you can use dedicated software (IRC) to talk (type) to other people. Click on the IRC link to find out more about the software and how to use it.

Found a good place to chat online? Send it to me and if I like it I will post on my page... I'm always looking for new chat rooms!

Email Pals....... A new version of the old fashioned notion of writing letters to people in far away places. Here's a list of people waiting for you to send them an email! Its not instant like chat, but you can make some great friends. Why not check it out? You can also end in YOUR details and find a friend.

Advice on Chatting and links to the meaning of emoticons and acronyms.

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Webmasters can make money!

Request for local chat

I am a single white male 30. I live in lancaster Pa. i am having the hardest time trying to find chat sites in my area if you know of any could you PLEASE! send there links? thanks alot Dale

Chat lines (Chat rooms) I have found.

Yahoo Clubs

Join an existing club or create your own. Chat using text or chat by talking. The talk option works really well and its easy to find a Club to suit your interests. I in a couple of Jeep Clubs and the body-for-life club. (Yes, all that time sitting at keyboards took its toll. I started to look like the Michelin Tyre Man..... sort of overly round! Now I have shed 10 kilos and this club helps to keep that going!)

Yahoo Chat - Australia

Don't want to join a club, but want to chat to some skips? Try yahoo chat. Didn't seem to have the voice option that yahoo clubs had, but had the facility to send instant messages via yahoo messenger, which needs to be sownloaded. (Yahoo messenger allows instant messages to be sent, but is not quite as good as ICQ. I found that with yahoo messenger and the browser going the screen became a bit busy. In the end 64Mb of memory on my laptop proved inadequate. Works much better on my mac. There is also a list of yahoo members so that you can more easily find someone to chat with. (Why do so many advertise nude photos on their links!)

Webmasters - Click Here for Infinity

Easy to use. Seems to have a few people on at most times and has a number of room options. Has facilities to send actions... but I never quite mastered the commands! With a bit of practice and help from chatters I'm sure I'll work it out.

Excite Voice Chat

Want to hear those southern drawls in real time? Catch an Aussie or a Canadian. This room gives you the opportunity to talk rather than type... a boon for those brought up on the "hunt and peck" style of typing!

Requires a download and has no mac version at present, but worth a look. Has rooms classified by age group and the facility to create your own room. Could save you a fortune if you have a relative overseas! (No need for telephone calls!)

Psychic Chat

Chat with Psychics and astrologers and learn what your future holds.... romance? wealth? hours tied to a keyboard?

Gothic Classifieds 29 April 98

A gothic chat site. Interesting people there when I logged on. Suggested by Erin (AKA Sussy or Suspira ... say high from Graham!) A bit fiddly to use as you have to scroll down to see replies and scroll back up to send... otherwise easy enough to use. Has a members section (I haven't joined yet!). Enough people there to make chatting worthwhile..... not too many to make chatting too slow!

Cawfee tawk welcome (gives access to unmoderated lines), decaf & regular

Decaf or regular are best because chatters are required to be registered and can therefore be blackballed if they post inappropriate messages! Registration is quick with most replies coming back in a few minutes. Best times are late in the evening (9pm their time onwards). My handle here is Graham.

Graham's own Chat Room (parachat...requires Javascript.)(28/12/97)

This is my own chat room courtesy of parachat. You need a Java capable browser to use this one. I will call in from time to time to see who's using it! Feel free to meet your friends here!

Page me on ICQ to see if I'm on line. My ICQ number is 4966316. Haven't got ICQ? Get it here!

Try ICQ Chat


Send an email with details of your name, handle, gender, date of birth, location (state/country) your email address, occupation, hobbies/interests, things you really like, and who you'd like to write to and I'll post the details on a separate email pals page. Hopefully once it gets underway I'll have a few names so that people can find email pals. (You can send a photo too.) Use e-pals as the subject heading.

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Excite Chat.

Lots of people there when I checked it out. Easy to use and has a voice chat option.... (which doesn't work on my mac!!!!) Has options for members and guests and other features such as attaching photos.


The Australian Universities website. Chat on specific topics with guest speakers or just chat. Lots of nice young Uni students here! A bit quiet at the moment, but growing fast!


This site started as an email/advertising home page for Aussies. It now has reminders and voice chat (with a typing option if the sound is not up to scratch!). You need to be a member (free) and they have regular competitions to encourage people to join. If you're a skip, this could be a good place to visit. If you meet the person of your dreams there is a fair chance you'll be able to meet them in real life..... they're probably locals!

ba snakk

My personal favourite. A chance to learn a bit about the language and culture of people from a different country. If you try this one out tell them you found out about it from Graham (or 4hjuls-drift norsk handle!) Best time is from 10pm to 1am Norwegian time. At other times the response is too slow or there is no-one there! (To enter click on the talking viking icon...snakk) Now requires registration and password. Send an email to be registered. I have had trouble getting into this one recently. Its still there but I'm not getting much of a response to my requests for a new password. Watch for an update... when I work it out!

Freetown (22/12/97)

This one appeared on a link exchange banner. Easy to use, with a range of chat rooms to choose from. Select your room, give yourself a handle, type your message and press chat. What could be simpler? Some swearing when I was on, even though there was supposed to be some moderation.

Tim's Chat doors. (22/12/97)

This link gets into a variety of chat rooms: L'hotel, Geocities, Haunted House, Castle, Club Gabbay and Party House. You're sure to find something that suits your mood! More for the Serious Chatter than Freetown which is much easier to use.


A chat room to suit everyone from teens upward. Requires a login, but this was straightforward. Has a feature which enables chatters to email you without them knowing your email address. A good security feature. Worth a look and easy enough for the novice.

Unichat. (18/1/98)

Chat line for Free Help (a free help service for computer problems). Bit quiet when I logged on, but easy to use and has comprehensive instructions. Should be a good place for newbies to try chatting.

Quickchat. (25/2/98)

Downloads a Javascript chat program (works on any system) making chatting quick and easy once you're in! Required a lot of details to get registered....... at least I didn't have to re-enter the details when I picked a handle that was already in use. Look for Jeepster here.... I'll probably be talking cars with the petrol heads in Nascar! Easy to use.... thanks to Tash from Qld for this one! 

Kailua Hale

Bask in the sunshine of Hawaii. Well not quite, but some friendly people here. Regulars are tamster, Rab and Ken. Recently changed so that a registration (free) and password are required. Helps to keep out the undesirables! If you are already registered, click here Look for Gray.

Takes a long time to load, but is fairly quick once the initial loading is completed. It has a number of rooms and allows private messages to be sent. Requires registration and a password so no one else can use your "handle". Registration is almost instantaneous and occurs online. Once registered you're ready to chat.


Recommended by a friend. I've tried it out and it is easy to use and reasonably fast. It has a number of chat rooms so you're bound to find someone to talk to.

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Run by the shepparton news. It attracts a mix of people from all over the world, although most chatters are from country Victoria. Allows pictures to go with the handles and consequently can seem a bit slow at times. Seems to be active at most times, but very busy from 4pm onwards.

NZ Publishing

Here's one for the slow typers! Yep, a chance to talk to the Kiwis, but no sheep jokes please....I think they've heard them all! Easy to logon, but requires you to come up with a handle (I'm Gray again!) and enter a password to prevent others using your name.


Ja! A chance to talk to Germans. Don't worry though, they are friendly and again most people will speak some english.

UTV Chat

One for the teens, or so it seems. Can't keep my kids off this one! Lots of people from countries all over the world. Not much about TV, more of an opportunity to chat to others!

Hamburger Morgenpost online

Another German chatline that came highly recommended. Personally my German is non-existant, and I prefer to struggle with one new language (norsk). I had trouble with the German error messages on login, and found this generally harder to use than BerlinOnline. If German's your forte you may be okay here!


An American chatline that requires a registration, but has a number of rooms where you can meet like minded people. Great people, but from here the service is slow!

Virtual Irish Pub

An Irish Pub is the scene for this chat line. It has three rooms, and the facility for private chat rooms. The connection was slow, but the layout was good. Worth trying to find a quiet time when the rooms are not so crowded.


Has a registration system and provides a password instantly, but it took 30 minutes and a number of tries to change my password to something meaningful. Worth the wait! Look for me here as Gray.

The Gathering

Need to register and enter with a password. Also has chat supervisors to logout the undesirables! Seemed to be mainly young people when I was on, but they seemed keen to talk. You can use html, but I couldn't get it to work!


A suggestion from Erin. More suitable for the experienced chatter as you need to be on your toes to ensure you don't miss postings. Has an option for displaying a graphic along with your name, but we couldn't get reptile to tone his down. It filled the screen and made reading messages difficult. Has a number of useful features such as private messages and private rooms.

Cafe de Paris

Registration took 4 to 5 days! Easy to logon once you're registered, but you need to enter your name (and email address) each time you send. Also means you can't say bye and then check for responses! People here were friendly, but so far haven't found any "frogs". I will continue to look! See you there, and say hello to Graham!


No registration required, but it seems to be controlled fairly well by operators to keep things reasonably clean! When I logged on there was a choice of 24 rooms, with some set aside for teens (2 age groups) and with names like hot tub (no I didn't try this one.....we were in the middle of a heatwave!) beach, bar and a room for new chatters. Should be able to find someone to chat to here, although I found it hard to keep a conversation going in the crowded rooms.

Geol Chat

This chat line was recommended by Mike......It requires no password and allows you to select an image that represents you, or to select a picture that will appear next to your name. It features a number of chat rooms and has a split screen format. Your chat message is input through a separate box below the on-screen chat messages. Private messages can be sent. When I tried this one out Jessica seemed to be on a different message certainly wasn't getting through!



Online entertainment with Foxtel includes a chatline for kids. You need to register and can select various age levels. (I haven't chatted here...I'm a bit old, but my kids have tried it out.)

A list of chatlines found with net search.

I will gradually go through these and once I've tried them I will place a link and a review on my page. Can't wait?? Have a look and tell me which ones you like. (Sign my guestbook!)

Chat Junkies Page.

A page for those seriously into chatting, with links to a variety of chatlines.

Julie's Spot

Julie has some good chat links for both IRC and chat clients. Her page also looks pretty neat too! Check it out!

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