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Essay Questions

Try to describe the type of person you might be interested in meeting?(either romantically or platonically)
I am looking for a woman that would like to concentrate on one man at a time......not take things too fast and maybe let it grow into a long term, 50/50 relationship. She should have an open mind, be open to new experiences, have varied interests and be able to be openly affectionate. A woman that can have fun no matter what she is doing. This person should be able to carry on long, interesting conversations and give her opinion on different subjects. I am usually attracted to women younger than me and thin/HWP.

Describe your personality type? What type are you attracted to?
According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, my personality type is ESTJ/ENTJ. That is Extrovert Sensing/iNtuitive Thinking Judging. I am split between sensing and intuitive. You can take the test at Personality Test

What would be a perfect 1st date?
The perfect first date would be a nice, quiet dinner with a bottle of wine. Then we could go and do a myriad of things from racing cars at SpeedZone, to dancing, to a quiet quiet coffee bar for a game of backgammon and talk. I will only meet people for the first time for lunch or in a group, but a first meeting would not be considered a first date.

Where have you met most of your current friends? If you could choose the ideal friend, what would he/she be like?
I have met most of my current friends through work, school, the Dallas Sport and Social Club, or Single In Denton Yahoo group. These are both singles groups that sponsors activities for professional singles. My ideal friend would be someone who I can talk with about anything. They would not judge me when I make mistakes, but help to guide me down the right path. A friend should be there to support you whenever you need help, day or night.

What type of work do you do and are you enjoying it? For how long?
I am an currently in the middle of taking a year off from work to travel and have some fun. I worked at UPS for 20 years.

Favorite pastime? Hobby? Diversion? Just what goes on Sundays at your place?
My favorite pastimes are outdoors type things. I love to play softball and volleyball. I like to go on nature hikes and camp. I enjoy watching football on sundays and naturally the Cowboys are my favorite team. Sundays are also for having friends over for swimming, grilling and drinking.

Name some of your favorite Singers and Bands ?What type of music do you enjoy? Do you go to concerts / performances? List performances you have attended.
C&W - George Strait, Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Brooks & Dunn, Billy Dean
Pop - Chicago, Moody Blues, America, Journey, Styx, Boston, Fleetwood Mac
Jazz/Swing - Spiro Gyra, Kenny G, Glenn Miller
I have a varied interest in music. It depends on my mood, as to what I listen to. I have a very extensive record and CD collection. The last concert I attended was Jimmy Buffet. One of the best concerts I have been to was Jon Secada.

What kind of magazines/newspapers/books do you read? Favorite authors?
Dallas Morning News on weekends, Science Fiction/Fantasy (whole library). My favorite authors are Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, Barbara Hamby, John Grisham, John Steinbeck, and Jack London.

What's printed on your favorite T-shirt?
The Hell With Heaven....I'm Skiing Purgatory

What were your favorite subjects in school? Where did you attend High School and / or College?
Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Account, Finance, and Computer Science. I attended High School in Middleton, Id. I attended college at DeVry Institute of Technology, Northlake CC, and LeTourneau University.

What personal habits of others really irritate you?
Blowing smoke in other people's face. This is a really inconsiderate thing to do. Some of us don't want to die of lung cancer. Another thing that is rude is not letting someone finish what they have to say and refusing to compromise on an issue.

What *is* 'SEXY'?
This is a hard question. I think silky nighties, soft voices, smooth skin, being curtious, being athletic, and knowing how to be feminine are all sexy. Nice perfume, that is not overpowering, is also very sexy.

What's your dream car and its color?
911 targa with a whale tale, midnight blue with chrome wheels. I just sold my other fantasy car, Mustang GT convertible. I now have a little pickup and a Honda Accord.

Where were you born? List some of the places you have lived.
Born in San Diego. Grew up in Idaho. Moved to Texas to attend college and have lived in Irving, Grand Prairie, and Coppell.

What cologne/perfume gets your attention the quickest?
My most favorite cologne is Obsession. If you wear it around me, I will defininately be obsessed....:)

Have you ever accomplished anything that got your name on television, radio,in a magazine or newspaper? What was it you did?
The band that I used to play in has been on TV and in the newspaper. One of the local stations did a story on what Christmas is like at UPS and I played the driver and let them follow me one afternoon.

Do you belong to any organizations/clubs/teams? Special interests groups?
For professional organizations, I belong to the Institute of Industrial Engineers. For fun organizations, I belong to the Dallas Sport and Social Club. I play on many athletic teams.

Which sports do you enjoy participating in or watching?
I love to play softball, flag football and volleyball. I enjoy watching football and college basketball. I am an avid Dallas Cowboy, UT Longhorn, andNorth Carolina Tar Heel fan.

Write your own personal ad as it would appear in the personal section of a newspaper? name is Russ. I have been divorced for 6 years and have a 7 year old son. I am financially stable and own my own home. I love to have fun and laugh. I can be goofy ... but like to contemplate life. I love to learn and explore. I am very broad in the music I like and don't really hate anything ... but I have definite favorites. I like to dance, watch bands, movies and shows, traveling and cooking. I am socially active, but also enjoy staying home sometimes. I participate in lots of different organized sporting leagues, skiing and SCUBA. I don't like being told something isn't possible and don't want to be around people who are afraid of life. Intelligence is important to me. I think abstractly and like to consider all possibilities. I think it's important to be able to express your thoughts and feelings so there are minimal misunderstandings. I think it's possible to find that balance were you can have both independence and togetherness. I am very considerate of other people and I don't feel that these small gestures take away from any sense of self. It doesn't take anything grand to make a person feel appreciated and wanted. It's the little things that matter. I also believe that there are dynamics that are brought out in people based on our interactions with each other. I want to spend time with people where we have a positive and productive effect on each other. Most important is ... I don't want to be just the seeker or just the sought. The roles switch and sometimes it is even possible to meet at the point of intimacy and look honestly into another's heart. If you are interested in a night on the town, a little conversation, hanging out, or even participating in some co-ed sporting leagues, drop me a line!

Do you (or did you) play any musical instruments? List them. What level?
I played in a professional band when I was in High School. I can play any of the brass instruments and most of the woodwinds. I then learned the keyboard and guitar and have played in a C&W band for a while. I don't play much any more. I like to write lyrics on the computer, but am not real good at writing music yet.

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