you have reached my resting place

whether I'm restful or restive though- one can never tell


one might say:

"Why must every moron in the world have a homepage??"

My reason of course would be different from everyone else's

but seeing how it's MY reason- it's the only one that counts.
The icon at the top of this page has signifigant meaning and helps me in my explanation of my homepage- this is the place where I can cover my ears, smile, and care about nothing at all

Needless to say, this is one of the few.


This site is undergoing an extensive update by ME, beginning on October 30, 1997 going for about a week

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hey!! people have been here since December 23rd 1997!! Neato ....... um, well, er... There used to be a counter there before Yahoo took over Geocities. And believe it or not it said somewhere around 20,000 people had visited. (Which isn't that unusual seeing how the site has been up for 4-5 years.) Who knows now?