(Artwork courtesy of: Beverly Johnson {breezin})
David Silver Bear

There was once a time when the land was sacred
and those that lived on it were at one with it . . when a warrior could walk from horizion to horizion on the backs of buffalo

About me:
Born near Many Farms Arizona in the Navajo Nation. I was raised by tribal elders in a very  tradtional way. Facinated by the story tellers and healers, as well as the ancient ways. I was raised  to walk a path of spirituality and as a healer trained in The Blessingway. Having in the early years  also studied with the our Lakota, Hopi, and Apache brothers. I now share and teach what I have  been honored to carry.
I now reside on the sacred ground of Sedona Arizona long known for its spiritual significance and  held as sacred by most Native American tribes as well as recgonized by the Tibetians, Aborigine  and several other cultures as a place of vision and healing. Having both gravational and magnetic  vortexes in the area as well as an unprecidented feeling of energy, it is easy to see why this land is  held so special by so many peoples and cultures.

The Navajo are well known for their spectacular and intricate sandpaintings. These are made, and  used in healing, and other ceremonies. A real sandpainting takes days to prepare, all natural colored  sand is used, obtained from such places as the famous Arizona Painted Desert and around the  Navajo reservation. The paintings are done on the ground, usually inside a ceremonial hut, and in  the ceremony they are destroyed and the sand is given back to nature. If you would like to see a  small collection of these sandpaintings: Click on Sandpainting below:
Sandpainting from The Blessingway Ceremony
(Mother Earth - Father Sky)

The Work I Do:
Medicine Wheel Massage
Designed by the combined efforts of a Network Chripractor, Yoga Master, and myself, this  Tauntric-style of massage works on healing and balancing all 4 parts of the body, rather than  the one or two of the usual massage. Working on Mind, Spirit, Emotion, and Body, the  treatment is complete, in healing and balancing. Due to the required balance of all things I  also have a well trained assistant to work with those who prefer a female massuse. The  complete session takes about 90 minutes.
I offer both herbal consultation as well as various other healing techniques including hands-on  and retreaving lost or forgotten power animals.
Vision Quest
This is basically a time when you will go to sit out on the land for a period of from 1 to 4 days  alone with only a few necessities and get in touch with both your inner-self as well as the  Earth Mother. Though this is a personal event, I offer classes and consultation toward  preparing and then doing your own vision quest.
Sweat Lodge
The sweat lodge ceremony is a Native American type sauna, but done tratitionally and with  ceremony. It is healing for both the body and mind. Stones are heated in a fire for  approxomately 6 hours and brought into the lodge at the beginning of each 'quarter', and  each is devoted to a seperate set of prayers and meditation. Water laces with herbs is  sprinkles on the stones which also draws toxins out of the body as well as cleanses the skin.  After which, we have a time of sharing and storytelling around the fire
Classes / Teachings
Regular classes are offered teaching about the Medicine Wheel, balancing and finding your  path. You are also welcome to request private consultation.
I am available to travel and teach seminars and lecture on Native American Spirituality and  The Medicine Wheel. I have done so at such places as Oxford University,UCLA, USC, The  Mind-Supermind national lecture series, and several private groups.
(All are offered strictly on a donation basis)

Contact Information

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