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Welcome to the Secondary 4/3 (SCGS 1996) home on the WWW

Just put your feet up and relax and let your fingers do the 'walking', as you tour our newly revamped homepage! All comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated, so if you have anything to say, do mail Yue Ling.

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4/3ian Particulars / Homepages

The 4/3 Profiles - updated to the very latest!

Stirrings & Sightings

This page tells all about the recent 'sightings' of 4/3 gals and what they have been up to around town.
Pls mail me if you are involved in any stuff etc. .... and pls do include pictures if you can.

Photo Gallery

4/3 gals are rumoured to be charismic and having the X-factor and being beautiful and all ....
How true is it? You decide for yourself as you tour through the famous 4/3 Photo Gallery.


We're a class of very talented gals ... so here is a page that lists out our achievements for our 2 years as a class .... just a little something in tribute of ourselves :)

4/3 Online Book of Jargon

Presenting the Commoner's Guide to 4/3 Jargon

To download for printing, pls right click on this link and 'Save Target' into your folder. When DISCONNECTED from the Internet, click on the document to open and then print off. If you choose to print from the page itself, there will be graphics and other page elements in the way.

Many thanks to the wonderfully talented gals for 4/3 for their help in coming up with this list!

Memorable Pranks

I really think this woukd be a cool page to put up ... BUT, I do not exactly have a fabulous memory, so pls hand in your accounts/reports (or whatever else you wish to call it) ... include your name and stuff so that I can give the due credits and stuff ...

A Word From The Class Reps

Coming soon ... well, as soon as the class rep sends her 'word' ..... *ahem* class rep ... are you listening???

check this out and title it

~~help title me~~

If you have any other suggestions as to what to what else to put on to this page or any other entries you want to make, feel free to mail me! Also if you all have any pages of your own, give me the address and I'll link it up for you!
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