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Hi, Welcome to my first homepage
This page hasn't been updated in like a year. Please realize this while viewing :) Working on keeping it more updated. We'll see how it progresses!!
You should visit my other two pages. They are just a click away!

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This is my third page, this one is on 98!
This is 98's homepage!
ICQ is where I am all the time now.
This is my second page!

Well did you like it????? Email me and give me some more ideas would ya??????????

You wanna know anything about me????? alright here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW FOR SOMETHING UPDATED 5/22/04 I am going to be 21 in a little over two weeks. Yee haw.. finally, being in A-town Ohio will pay off. We're known as a party school, i've been here three years, lets see if the reputation can hold still!

I am very much single at the moment. There are prospects, mind you, however, no one has wanted to make it official, so I am playing the field like its my job :)

I about died when i read my old GPA on here. What I wouldn't give to have that 3.9 again! I have a 3.5 :)

The only other thing I have to say it, I heart my friends, (as heart is the replacement of love i guess?) and I would also like to say that I cannot wait for this summer, when I will travel abraod and study in SPAIN!!! Aqui voy Espana!!! :)

Well, I love to sing, and I love college! It's hard to be away from home though. LOL

Here is a little bit more about me....... I used to love baseball, and you can check out that and other things liked that on my second page....That's the link right there!
My second page

Always tell the truth, say your prayers and easy on the swears -will smith

1997 Email me!

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