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The Clinton Crap (modified 10/10/98)

Fidelity - not just for stereos! (modified 10/10/98)

Driver's Education (modified 10/10/98)

Be careful what you think... (modified 10/10/98)

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Heh... no sense of humor! (modified 10/10/98)

Yes, there really IS a difference! (modified 10/10/98)

Take the survey! (modified 10/10/98)

    Yes, it's my opinion. And if you want my opinion ... then you've come to the right place. That's what you'll find in my collection of pages. Fortunately for you, I'm a pretty opinionated guy. I'll tell you what I think about marital fidelity, about the general lack of common courtesy in society, about our President and his "shortcomings", and many, many other things.  Now of course, you have to keep in mind that as the name of the site implies, these are merely my opinions. They don't necessarily reflect the views of my employer, Geocities, my mom, my dog, my dog's mom, my second cousin's dog's uncle twice removed by marriage, or anyone else. So if you have a problem with anything you read here, take it up with me. My mom doesn't even receive e-mail, and it's highly unlikely she'd be too interested in your opinion of my opinions. However, I do get e-mail, and would love to have you tell me what you think. Want to scream at me, or care to tell me you agree with me? Fill out the form on the survey page (click the red buitton above) and send it to me. Is that too difficult for you to figure out, yet you still want to contact me? Then by all means, click on the e-mail icon near the bottom of this page and let me know. You can be certain I'll read it, and I may even respond (try to contain your joy).

    My intent with these pages in twofold. First, I want to bring up topics that are important to me, state my feelings, and try to get you to think about these things as well. Too many people are content to ignore too many things, thinking (mistakenly) that a particular topic has no bearing on their life. I hope that by bringing these topics to the attention of anyone who bothers to read this page, I can make them see that certain things affect us all one way or another, and letting "wrongs" go unchallenged doesn't help anyone. Second, I did it because I could, and this way I can say what I want without interruption.  So there.

    So sit back, pick a topic up top, and have fun.


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