Oceanside Retreat

Welcome to Geocities, SouthBeach... my home away from home.

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Moviegoer's Guide While you're visiting, discover the hard rocking world of THX in SDDS Click here for the Moviegoer's Guidewith The Moviegoer's Guide to Movie Theatres. As featured in Ziff Davis' Internet Underground magazine and the Washington Post newspaper, read this and you will definitely improve your moviegoing experiences.

Before you visit the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California; be sure to glance at my Disneyland Viewpoints. This quick reference developed from my four years of being a cast member, two as a full time lead.

Experience life... I hope that I always live life with the passion and intensity that it deserves.

The bottle caps you see on the ceiling have been left by the regulars who often party here. Get to know them and don't be a stranger.

Cool Sites Webring The Nordic Knights' Cool Sites Webring resides here. These sites focus on activities with an expressive edge. Any passion will do as long as it has attitude, content, and a quality presentation.

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