Welcome to TekGuys Home Page....


Welcome to my web page friends.... This is my third attempt at making my web home here on Geocities...For what ever reason beyond my control my web page has been deleted... Maybe Its my fault, maybe freedom of speech is not allowed here? I have yet got a straight answer to why My accounts were deleted 2 times before... Well I dont want to seem like I'm not Happy with Geocities. This time will be the last... This page is here to stay. (More) The Links will be added too as I get to them.... The Theme for this Page is gonna be Wide---Open. Anything is possible here.... well almost anything My usage of the Internet so far has been of visiting web pages chatting on IRC, using my ICQ, I also enjoy using LOL CHAT which is a web based chat Program. Another place I like to chat is via Freetel,a voice chatting program. Well this is gonna be fun!!!! I need to get some files uploaded here so you can click on the future links I'm designing ... Remember to keep on comming back here, Things will get better I Promise:) Ronnie

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