Just a little something about myself...

Born:  January 10, 1976

Sign:  Capricorn

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  180lbs



Likes:  Traveling, meeting new people, guys with a sense of humor, parks/nature, hiking, camping, music, singing, dancing, flirting, some kink, art, museums, rivers, beaches, massage, strippers, Asian cuisine, assertive/aggressive men, jocks/athletic men, making out, bubble butts/nice rounded buns, laid-back/down-to-earth personalities, intimate conversations


Dislikes:  loud men, body odor, bad breath, overly feminine men, boring men, Thai/Greek/Italian cuisine, noassatall, overly chunky/too thin men, personalities that clash with mine,  no sense of humor, tops pretending to be bottoms



I run a few email groups on Yahoo! and MSN.  If you would interested in joining on of them,  you can check out what is offered by clicking the icon below: