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ParentsPlace This is a great place to meet people and to just kick back and relax. Storksite is a WONDERFUL place for those expecting, want to expect, have expected, and everything inbetween. They've got great Boards and wonderful people. Disney HP is a place for all you Disney Store Fans like myself. Thoms The Tank Engine is Matthew's favorite place. He loves that James going around and around in the tunnel. Micheals HPhas great craft ideas and a place to send personal cards for about any occasion too. Crayola Crayons HPis a place that kids will love to explore and play games.

Links to My Buddies And Friends and Family

Not sure which links still work. I'll be working on them later.

Becky1's HP She's a good friend of mine who's hubby recently got out of the navy. I only talk to Becky once in a while. I miss her.
justJoy's HP. She is the BRAT of my life. **LOL**
Spanky's HP . Need any advice or have a psychology question, well just ask the psyc. She'll get back to you ASAP.
Sabina's HP the master at ICQ. **LOL** Thanks for helping me w/ this thing.
TxChelle's HP. Is a great buddie of mine.
Darlenes HP. She is my HTML language partner. Love that talk Dar.
Wabbitt's HP. She's a great chatter. her hubby too. <:o)
GymMom's HP. Aka BernieB. She's a great friend to have around too.
Fiveo's HP. Need to chat more w/ this one, but I'm gone all the time.
Jim Sadler's HP Friend of Tom's. Guess you could say that he is a right hand man. If you need puter help, he's your guy. *G* Lanice's HP. I got yelled at for not having this up. Sorry Brenda.**LOL** Well, here it is. DAGNABIT's HP
As of Sept. 1998
I've met some more new friends recently (scrappers like myself):
Susan whom I met through an e-mail list I'm on. If your interested in an e-mail list, check out One List I'm sure there is something there for you.

Man, I sure am glad to have all of you as my friends. THANKS Guys.

Spanky Picked

Pictures need be credited to other poohfans from which I got these. Thank-You.

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