Welcome to The Funeral Party. This page will someday have every Cure song transcribed for bass guitar, but the current focus is older Cure material.

As always, thanks to Gio and Badfrancis for their tab contributions, to Draven without whom the page would not be what it is today, and to Stephen Jones for making the Funeral Party midi. Although unrelated to this site, I would also like to thank Craig Parker at A Chain of Flowers for running what I consider the only Cure news source on the net.

Most importantly though, thanks to all of you for the nice things (most the time, hehe) you've all said to me in my guestbook over the years. It makes it all worth while, and I still do really appreciate it.

Disclaimer: None of the tabs will be exactly note for note, nor were they intended to be. I try to get them really close, but there will always be different places the notes could be played, and generally, I'm not perfect. However, if you put yourself into the songs, you should get a good feel for the them and perhaps add to them, thats the whole point of learning, right?

Latest News
Well I hope you like the redesign. I think it's a little easier to navigate anyway. So now I can get back to doing some more tabs. It looks like there were a few I missed off of Three Imaginary Boys, and then I'll start working on The Top. Also, since so many people have asked recently, I'll see what I can do about putting a page together on how I built my Fender Bass VI replica.

Old News
WOW! After four years of trying to convince Yahoo that I'm really who I am, I finally got my account information reset! Whoever you were that believed me, you rock!

That said, sorry for the long absence everyone. As I said, I had lost my account information while in college, but now it's time to get things rolling with some new tabs and a new layout. The layout will be first, then I'm going to get going with The Top like I planned so long ago.