Monica (June 2000)
Monica and Dad (June 2000)
Monica and Dad (June 2000)
My sister Lisa, brother Jim and our Dad (June 2000)
Dad's birthday dinner (June 2000)
Sara and Monica (June 2000)
Home after Hurricane Floyd...I will miss this home very much! (June 2000)
New home after Hurricane Floyd (June 2000)
Monica's Grand Father (June 2000)
Grand Ma and Monica (June 2000)
Robbie and Tammy's new house (June 2000)
Monica and Tammy (June 2000)
Robbie and Tammy (My brother and sister on the East Coast..Open your eyes Tammy LOL) (June 2000)
Ocean view (June 2000)
View of Sacred Heart Chapel at LMU (June 2000)