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Merry Millennium to my th visitor! This page has not been updated in eons but I promise I'm working on it!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my friends, family and teachers for being a part of my life and enabling me to make it thus far.
A ~special~ word of thanks to these gals.

Yue Ling's Tree of Friendship : my newest page yet! Here's my first attempt at an image map - well, kinda at least!

Speakers Corner : I have always admired and dreamed of such an idea and at the thought of having somewhere for me (and other people) to voice their opinion on current matters. Here, in my very own domain on the web, I present to you, my very own Speakers Corner.....

Landmines Kill!!

I have personally written a start-up page for people to configure and use on their browsers ... and here it is!

Flower Power! : "a thing of beauty, is a joy forever!". Flowers are beautiful ... and we all love receiving them. But do you really know what different flowers mean?

Book of Condolences : the First Lady of Singapore left us on the 30th July 1999 at 11.25am. Here is a page I set up that links to a book of condolence.

I Support ...: here are some of the organisations that I support and strongly encourage you to as well.

Ring 'O Ring 'O Rosies : my webrings

All about me : and if you wanted to find out more about the person behind all these pages, just follow this link...

My pages on stuff that matter to me...

Here are the other pages I have designed :

  1. Yue Ling's Environmentally-Friendly Page : About the earth and how we can work together to save it!
  2. LookOUT International
  3. The 4/3 Homepage

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If you see any of the graphics on any of my pages that and I have not acknowledged you, please contact me.

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