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OLM, Trumbull, CT

Operations Consultant

  • Auditing a network of 50,000+ websites for resource usage using SNMP-capable open-source network management systems monitoring Cisco 2950 series switches
  • Providing customers with layer 2 quality of service (QoS) features such as link failure detection, transmission error accounting, and broadcast suppression via SNMP
  • Providing customers with layer 3 QoS features such as gateway redundancy via HSRP and load sharing via multiple OSPF routing paths
  • Implementing a seamless migration from a non-redundant core network to a fully redundant, auto-switching core consisting of SONET and DS-3 circuits
  • Maintaining a core network of Juniper M5 and M7i routers, providing Internet services such as load balancing and asynchronous routing via BGP
  • Maintaining an access network of layer 2/3 Cisco 4000 switches, providing LAN services such as gateway redundancy and layer 2 STP loop prevention
  • Detailing network traffic profiles to aid in detecting intrusions, denial of service (DoS) attempts, and customer network abuse
  • Researching and beta testing new technologies for network devices, such as the Juniper Networks Adaptive Services module providing stateful firewall packet inspection, intrusion detection (IDS), and flow accounting
  • Stress-testing current and proposed router and switch software for stability, performance, and security
  • Integrating Cisco 7206 VXR routers to handle the layer 3 routing and gateway functions, enabling the Cisco 4000 switches to focus on layer 2 functions
  • Projecting future bandwidth, electrical power, and equipment needs for the next 18-24 months based on initial and updated data analysis
  • Training staff to build server and telco racks, manage cable, conduit and distribution runs, and implement easy-to-follow labeling schemes
  • Training staff on network design concepts such as routing, switching, and performance tuning
  • Designing a complete, integrated network management platform comprised of open-source software for automating alerts, failure detection, trouble-ticket creation, failure correlation, and network overviews
  • Creating a centralized login cluster to provide simple user creation and authorization for all servers via OpenLDAP, allowing authorized login to selected systems using the same username and password pairs
  • Streamlining the purchasing process to provide faster ordering of equipment, lower purchasing costs, and more intelligent equipment purchases
  • Managing IP allocation, network security and documentation policies
  • Utilizing Visio 2003 to produce network diagrams detailing current network topologies, maintenance, and future integrations
  • Managing personnel issues such as vendor relationships, customer communications, and team building


Sony Electronics Inc., Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Project Management Consultant

  • Recorded and analyzed the progress of an enterprise resource planning migration from multiple databases to SAP
  • Monitored user satisfaction by assisting them with the APO sales forecasting and BW inventory modules
  • Monitored scheduled database conversions and noted user requests for data presentation improvements
  • Collected statistics for application use and response time
  • Created a procedure manual for helpdesk end-user training by interfacing with the programming team and various end user departments
  • Managed a version-control documentation distribution environment


AboveNet Communications/Metromedia Fiber Network Services, Chelsea, NY

ISX Engineer (Internet Services Exchange)

         Created custom installations of customer routers using BGP for redundancy

         Configured Cisco 12016 routers with Packet over SONET (POS) and 802.1q VLANs over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)

         Configured 801.1q VLANs and spanning trees on Cisco 6509 switches

         Configured Juniper M160 series backbone routers utilizing POS and STM (Europe)

         Troubleshot Nortel and Lucent ADMs, and public/private peering exchanges

         Configured DNS zone data using BIND on the UNIX platform

         Configured SNMP for monitoring, BGP for peering, OSPF for intra-AS routing and IS-IS as an OSPF replacement project on both Cisco and Juniper routers


Globix Corp, Chinatown, New York

Network Administrator

  • Configured Cisco 7513 routers for T1/T3, ISDN, Frame-relay and DSL over ATM
  • Configured OSPF and iBGP
  • Configured Cisco 5509 switches for ISL VLANs
  • Maintained and configured T1/T3 MUXs and Adtran CSU channel banks
  • Configured Juniper M40 routers for peering using eBGP
  • Utilized HP OpenView and Tivoli NetView to maintain a 600+ server collocation facility


City College of New York, Harlem, NY </TBODY>

Network technician and desktop support

  • Configured Cisco 5509 switches for ISL VLANs
  • Configured Cisco 5509 switches RSMs for RIP routing
  • Oversaw the operations of a building-wide LAN consisting of TCP/IP and AppleTalk
  • Maintained Windows NT domain servers and performed hardware maintenance and upgrades on client workstations
  • Maintained UNIX file, print, mail, and DNS servers, and client workstations
  • Installed UNIX servers, managed DNS, email, file system maintenance, user accounts, and security policies
  • Performed tape backups and intrusion detection











Cisco Certified Network Associate


City College of New York

Two years of college credits towards Computer Science

Currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering


</TBODY></TBODY></TBODY>Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, New York</TBODY>

</TBODY>Regents Diploma








:           Juniper series M5-M160 routers; Cisco series 2500-12000 routers; Cisco series 1900-6500 switches; Nortel MUXs; Adtran CSU/DSUs and Channel banks

:           Dell; Compaq; custom builds; Sun UltraSPARC and Enterprise; SGI Indy and O2; DEC AlphaStation and AlphaServer




Server OS

Server Applications

Network Management


:           JunOS; Cisco IOS; Cisco CatOS

:           Windows 2000; Solaris; SunOS; Redhat Linux; FreeBSD; OpenBSD

:           Apache; Sendmail; BIND

:           MRTG; TACACS+; HP OpenView; Tivoli Netview

Network Design & Maintenance

Resource planning





:           Monitoring and examining traffic patterns for future network growth using SNMP

:           Determining expected number of clients and servers, and amount of data traffic

:           Quality of service through traffic shaping, rate limiting and load balancing

:           Link stability, redundancy and loop prevention


Network Security

Statefull firewall filtering and packet filtering to regulate network access

Link and path encryption to prevent data snooping

MPLS VPNs over for secure, remote network connectivity

Traffic analysis for intrusion detection and statistical analysis

TACACS+ for homogeneous, secure logins

Terminal servers and dial-up access for remote management and disaster recovery

Network and Port Address Translation (NAT and PAT) for IP conservation

Bastion hosts for secure, controlled external access to internal network services


LAN Technologies and Protocols


Twisted pair


:           10Base2 and 10Base5 Ethernet (802.3)

:           10BaseT (802.3), 100BaseTX Ethernet (802.3u), 1000BaseTX (802.3ab)

:           Gigabit Ethernet over 62.5m multimode fiber (802.3z); FDDI


Spantree 8021.d, 802.1w, 802.1s; HSRP (RFC 2281); 802.1q; ISL; VRRP (RFC 2338)


WAN Technologies and Protocols


Twisted pair


:           DS3 point-to-point

:           DS1, ISDN, and Frame-relay leased lines

:           SONET (OC levels 3c-192c) over 50m singlemode

:           SDH (STM levels 1-64) over 50m singlemode


HDLC, PPP, Multilink PPP, Frame-Relay, ATM, ISDN, Tunneling


Routing and Addressing Protocols

Network layer

Interior Gateway Protocols

Exterior Gateway Protocols


:           IPv4 addressing, aggregating and subnetting

:           IS-IS, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP


:           BGP4 (Internal and External)



MS Office, Visio, AutoCAD, eRoom