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Greetings from Serge Arsentiev ! Thank You for visiting my home page ! If You have any comments please send them to

Hi folks ! If You were looking for Serge Arsentiev's home page, it looks like You are smart guy/girl and it means YOU FOUND IT !

Who am I ?

Just a guy that lives in St.Petersburg, Russia

Well, the reason, why I made this page is just a desire to tell to All the World about my existence and also to test my programming skills in HTML (if there are some)

In fact, this page is too old to believe it. Since 199_ - do You see what's the last digit ? Something between 6 and 7, but maybe it's 1, then I'm too old to stay alive, so let's take 1997 as page last update date. All this time I was thinking about how to improve and what to update first. Time passed and it's still the same, no changes. So now I consider this page as masterpiece of antique, covered with noble dust of centuries, that's not designed for any changes and should stay the same through ages. Meanwhile I made a new one place for AntiDuck - at . Drop in for another one brief, but exhaustive act of art :)

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Sincerely Yours, Serge Arsentiev aka

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