Name : Andy Lau

Real Name : Lau Fook-Wing

Cantonese Name : Lau Tak-Wah

Mandarin Name : Liu2 De2 Hua2

English Name : Andy

Date of Birth : September 27, 1961

Birth Place : Hong Kong

Current Age : 35

Family : parents, 4 sisters, 1 brother

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Chinese Zodiac : Year of the Ox

Blood Type : O Type

Education : F.6, Ke Li Secondary School

Clothes Size : medium

Shoe Size : 7 1/2 (formal), 8 1/2 (sports)

Waistline : 29 1/2 inch

Cars : owns a Lange Rover, Mercedes 300

Serires, BMW, Antic Damlier

Fav. Actors : Al Pacino, Robert deNiro

Fav. Clothing : jeans

Fav. Colors : blue, black, grey and white

Fav. Dessert : mango pudding

Fav. Movie : One for a Heart

Fav. Place : China (Hong Kong)

Fav. Present : jeans

Fav. Season : all four seasons

Fav. Singer : George Lam

Fav. Song : When a Man Loves a Woman

Fav. Subject : physics

Admire Most : future wife

Dislike Most : impolite people

Respect Most : ancestors

Fan Club Address: Andy's World Fan Club Rm 704, 7/F, Blk 2, Tien Chu Center, 1E Mok Cheong St, Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong Telephone: (852)2711-0309

Malaysia Branch's Address: P.O. BOX 13589 50816 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Singapore Branch's Address: Robinson Road PO Box 0978 Singapore 901928 Telephone: 536-2161

Taiwan Branch's Address: 2nd Floor, No 56 Lane 265, Sec.4, Hsin-Yin Road, Taipei, Taiwan Telephone: (02)708-0118

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