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Hello leute!!!

This is RAI,ppl know me as HEM,I am a Nepalese residing in Hongkong.
You are in my homepage now hope U are being enjoyed,but don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave. Dhanyabaad.

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                    Third Pole(Mount Everest) The heighest peak in the world
                          City of the temple(Kathmandu) Capital city of Nepal
                          Some picturesPhotoharu
                          My some fav.songs Nepalese & English songs in real audio
                          This is meMyself
                          Nepalese songs linkReally nice songs
                          Nepalese news linkNewspapers
                          Nepal LinkAbout bravest nepalese ppls
                          Greetings3D greetings links
                          Time ZoneDate & time Gateway
                          Hong Kong Based Nepalese MagazineHong Kong Nepal Samvaad Magazine
                          Everest Weekely NewspaperHong Kong Weekly Newspaper

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