• It started early for Summer. At age 7 she produced a backyard play and, with help from her sisters and brother, entertained friends and neighbors for an admission fee of 2 cents. There were puppets, dancing, singing and of course Summer, who had always wanted to become a queen, played one on that day. This was only the beginning of things to come. A video of the afternoon's activities resulted in a half-hour television special aired on NBC.
  • Since that time Summer has continued to pursue her dreams with outstanding results. Whether acting as producer, writer or on-camera talent, Summer has a unique ability to inform and entertain at the same time. A frequent beauty pageant winner, the most popular Miss USA, Miss California and 2nd runner-up to Miss Universe has appeared on the Phil Donahue Show, the Mike Douglas Show, the Merv Griffin Show, Family Feud  and Good Morning America.
  • She has served as awards hostess for the People’s Choice Awards, presenter for the City of Hope Awards, ambassadress for the American Lung Association, ambassadress for the United States during the bi-centennial, editor for Central Valley Lifestyles Magazine, ambassadress for Pan American Airlines and is currently starring on Heartbeat of the City  and Heartbeat of the Nation with Jim Lange and Burt Tenzer.
  • Summer has owned and operated a modeling school and agency, taught makeup and hair styling, taught television commercials and produced and hosted the Miss California USA Pageant. She also produced the Maid of California Pageant, the San Francisco and Los Angeles Photo Show International as well as numerous fashion shows.
  • Summer has appeared in several movies including Shadow Riders with Tom Selleck, Love Is Forever with Michael Landon and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. She was on Days our Lives and hostess with Jim Perry on Sale of the Century, currently airing daily on USA network. She has appeared in television commercials for Maybelline, American Lung Association, Chevrolet, General Electric and is currently spokesperson for 26 Department stores named Gottschalks. 

    Summer is forming a skin care line Winslow and producing a pilot for television called Celebs and Friends  with the Bartholomew Sisters and co-producing a health oriented television talk show called Feeling Good. She has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Business Week Magazine, LA Magazine and numerous others. 

    In short, Summer Bartholomew is a highly qualified and experienced producer, writer and on-camera personality with a wonderful ability to educate and entertain.

Sale of the Century NBC Co-Host
Days of Our Lives Nurse
Wheel of Fortune Hostess/Model
Peoples Choice Awards CBS Awards Hostess
Heartbeat of The City Co-Host
Miss California Pageant Mistress of Ceremonies
Miss North American Oktoberfest Mistress of Ceremonies
Mississippi Mini-Documentary Lead
Miss Universe Prize Film Lead
Gottschalks Spokesperson
The Phil Donahue Show Guest
The Merv Griffin Show Guest
The Mike Douglas Show Guest
Shadow Riders
Love is Forever
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
An Evening With Morning Star
Miss USA
2nd Runner-up Miss Universe
Miss California
Miss North American Oktoberfest
Maid of California
Miss Merced
Miss Ghost America MGM
horseback riding
water skiing
snow skiing