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I will link anything I feel is of interest. These are things I like or use on a frequent basis.

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Friends LinX:

Rich A.
Amy D.
Christy D.
Paul D.
John D.
Emily H.
Bryce L.
Amanda N.
Frank N.
Hilton P.
Tute S.
Vanessa S.
Jamie S.
Laurie T.
Jeremy W.
Scott W.

Music LinX

Local Bands & Artists

Caroline's Spine - Rock
Conjunto Clave - Latin Acid Jazz
Factor 9 - Bluesadelic Rock (Recently broke up)
Fixture - Rock
Gears of Redemption - Hardcore Rock
Hosty Duo
Little League Hero - Pop rock
Martini Kings - Rock with some swing
Ninja Finja - Pop Punk
Radial Angel - Christian Rock
Same Day Service - Pop Punk
Scott Keeton & The Deviants - Blues
Shade of the Son - Christian Pop Rock
Sly's Alter Ego - Christian Ska
Special Disaster Team - Ska
SubSeven - Christian Punk

National Bands & Artists

Audio Adrenaline
Bowling for Soup
Caedmon's Call
Dave Matthews Band, The
DC Talk
Five Iron Frenzy
Foo Fighters
Green Day
Halo Friendlies, The
Jars of Clay
Nelly Furtado
Riley Armstrong
Supertones, The
Tidewater Grain
Tracy Bonham


5 Minute Walk Records - A Christian label in Cali. Bands include: Five Iron Frenzy, Rivulets & Violets...
FlickerRecords.com - A Christian label owned by members of Audio Adrenaline. Bands include: Pillar, Riley Armstrong, T-Bone...
Interactive Records - A local Oklahoma label
One Ton Records - A independent label in Dallas. Bands include: Fixture, Jumprope Girls...
Thin King Entertainment - A local Oklahoma label. Bands include: Radial Angel...
Tooth & Nail Records - A great punk & ska label in Washington. Bands include: Slick Shoes, Ace Troubleshooter, Element 101...

Radio Stations

KOKF, 90.9 in OKC - The Alternative Edge - Christian hip-hop, rock and techno.<
WIRE, OU's College Music Station - Plays groundbreaking new music - Rock, Hip-hop, techno, punk, ska andd more
WWLS, 104.9 The Sports Animal in OKC


7Ball Magazine
Backroom, The - Christian music/cafe in North OKC
CMJ - College Music Journal
Deli, The - Local Norman club for live music
DCF Concerts - Books concerts for OKC, Tulsa, Kansas City & Missouri
Gigabeat - Find your song!
HM Magazine - Hardcore Christian Magazine
International Lyrics Server - Find the lyrics to your favorite song
Jamsline - Christian Music Chart
MTV - Check out the news section
NormanMusicScene.com - Updates on Norman bands and shows
OKC Live - Updates on shows in and around Oklahoma City
OKC Tickets - Buy local event tickets online
OMNI Zine - Regional music zine
Rome XII Cafe' - Run by Chi Alpha of OU, a Christian music hangout
Pollstar - The BEST place to find out about concerts
Progressive Airplay Journal - Another Christian Music Chart
Pulse - OKC Local Music
RockNews.com - The BEST place to find out about the latest news in rock
Shadowplay - Local Record Store
Soundbreak - Follows new music and has a good collection of interviews
VividOK.com - Norman music and art scene news

Sports LinX

BoomerSooner.Net - If you like anything involving OU, go here
SoonerSports.com - The Official OU site
Steelman, The - A local sportstalk personality's site

School LinX

Gaylord College of Journalism, The - Where I spend most of my time
University of Oklahoma, The
Sooner Information Network - Keeps track of university events
The Wire - OU's music station

Web LinX

All Your Base Are Belong To Us - I don't care what you guys say, this freakin' rules!
College Club
Mr. Winkle - The Cutest Dog in the Universe
Please Puff Daddy, Ruin This Song Too!
Women Are Evil / I Hate Stupid People - Oh dear me, so true

If you have an link that I forgot or you think I should add, let me know at: RhinoOU@hotmail.com .