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dedicated to the late great jefferson davis.

this little information page was the first boss hogg dedicated page on the net (still is?) and went live in 1998. it was overhauled in march 00. it was originally created with the old geocities java editor which was almost pre-historic. anyway, alot of the links were broken, the background had dissapeared probably due to the yahoo had become a mess and took ages to load! tho there are still no thumbnail images of pictures (there will be eventually) i have now included descriptive links to the pictures to help you out and make loading time easier. most of the pictures near the bottom of the screen were taken by me using the webtv screen capture.

i have been a fan of boss hogg since i watched the dukes of hazzard when i was little. i liked him better than bo and luke..for me, boss hogg made the series. him and rosco (james best) were one of the best slapstick duos ever and the reunion movie was simply empty with out him. i get asked should the movie have been made? i have to say yes because i love the dukes but i think they should have cast a "new" boss and not promoted rosco into that position. rosco needs someone to play off..bringing back hewie hogg might have been the right thing to do or even dan hogg but we'll never know.

thanks for coming by the boss hogg shrine, we probably have the biggest boss hogg picture gallery on the net (over 50 pictures) please sign the guestbook before you go and leave me your comments. if you have any sorrell booke info, pictures, quotes..anything at all and would like to see them on the page please email me i would also like to hear from any other boss hogg fans..i know i can't be the only one. tra and thankyou. ps. if you get a script message just ignore it..this will happen if you are using MS internet explorer.

UPDATE (2004): As of this year my personal webpage has been taken off the internet. This page was part of the site but as it attracts so many hits each month and appears to be a useful resource I have decided to keep it online and let it stand here on its own. If I ever get time I will properly overhaul the page and rebuild to a higher standard (as it stands this page is almost 7 years old and has hardly changed since 1998). I would appreciate feedback, news and images, audio and even small video clips. It is harder for me to find these things as I live in the UK. You can contact me with any stuff and or information at This email address hasn't been working until recently. If you are someone who used to visit the site in its entirity during 1997-2000 it would be good to hear from you. Cheers.


The actor Sorrell Booke died on February 11th 1994 of colon cancer. He was born on January 4th 1930 and was 5'6" and weighed only 175lbs. Sorrell started out in radio playing multiple parts due to his love of dialects. He spent the Korean war in counter intelligence before returning to performing in the late 50's. many films followed from the early 60s up until 1977 before being cast in the dukes. During filming in the Duke's of Hazzard he was padded up with foam to give him the 40"+ waist line seen in the series. A great actor, he enjoyed working with food, speaking Russian and Japanese and reading.

boss hogg biography

"Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg was born on the dirt floor of a sharecropper's shack and from there things kinda went downhill. But everybody has a talent and Boss has the gift of graft. In a dazzlin' career in Hazzard County ranging from moonshine to political corruption, Boss has been chased by everything from Revenuers to bloodhounds to irate husbands. And even if the city cops do spot his license number, it don't matter cuz Boss changes license plates like he does his underwear, which is every time he goes to town. He has three medals from two wars and the only time he gets scared is when Rosco gets smug. His favorite food? Raw liver...blecch!" - from the dukes' waylon jennings


rock-a-doodle. (1992)

dukes of hazzard. (1979-1985)

freaky friday. (1977)

special delivery. (1977)

brenda starr. (1976)

adventures of the queen. (1975)

devil times five. (1974)

bank shot. (1974)

mastermind. (1973)

slaughterhouse five. (1972)

what's up doc? (1972)

up the down staircase. (1967)

black like me. (1964)

fail safe. (1964)

joy house. (1964)

purlie victorious. (1963)

gone are the days. (1963)

if the movie isnt highlighted it means it is not for sale at you can view descriptions of all the movies here at E!


"no, no, no give me that pie!"

"i'll make ya, and i can break ya."

"Rosco, if you ever have to live your life over..don't."


boss hogg talking
uncle boss hogg
boss and flash
boss and rosco apprehending the dukes
boss and rosco
boss, rosco and enos


sorrell booke without the padding
sorrell's resting place in california
sorrell's resting place (zoom)
boss talking. head and neck office shot
sorrell booke autographed picture
boss hogg and flash (b&w)
boss and lulu - lulu shows boss some grief (b&w)
boss and rosco making shine (b&w)
boss and cletus make a celebrity appearance in the real hazard, kentucky
boss on the phone while eating. checkered hanky.
boss eating with beer and checkered hanky (classic)
boss still eating with beer and checkered hanky (follow on)
boss attempting eating a big hoagie
boss with racing hat...on the phone chuckling
boss with grey wig
boss with brown/black curly wig
boss worried
boss with picture of his mother
boss shocked
boss with gifts f/jesse
boss with cigar and rosco
big jim threatening boss
boss and rosco dance at the boars nest
boss worried face (classic pose)
boss captured by big jim
boss in the mud
boss and rosco..rosco trying to get popcorn
hewie and boss scheming
boss and hewie in car chase
boss throws hewie into his car
boss talking to rosco
lulu hogg (1)
lulu hogg (2)
lulu and boss
boss' father - big daddy hogg
boss' father - big daddy hogg (2)
boss and dewey hogg
dewey hogg
the grave of dewey hogg
hewie hogg
jamie lee hogg
jamie lee hogg and daisy
boss dancing again
boss and cletus on location in the real hazzard
boss as a fireman
boss - head/shoulder shot
sorrell advertising jim hogg cigars
classic boss laughing pose
boss and rosco making shine
rosco massaging boss
boss as a deputy

more pictures to follow soon..including a picture of the rare carded boss hogg figure.


there are hardly any boss hogg dedicated sites on the net. i knew of another page featuring sorrell but i lost the url. here are some of the best dukes of hazzard sites and also featured is the website of boss' sidekick, james best, aka. rosco p. coltrane.

james best
tom wopat
john schneider
catherine bach
the dukes of hazzard mailing list
chris' dukes of hazzard page
gary's dukes of hazzard page


Updates: 25th May 2000, 20th August 2002, 12th July 2004.

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