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People have asked me a few questions...like who were the Shawnee? Where were they located? Are you Native American?...well, the Shawnee are Native Americans who lived peacefully in the southern regions of the United Sates...They were forced North to the Ohio Valley and are now on reservations in Oklahoma and Kansas ( some of the Kansas Shawnee who traveled to Oklahoma were incorporated with the Cherokee Nation in 1870)...("from Jim Oyler, Principal Chief, United Tribe of Shawnee Indians.... The UNITED TRIBE OF SHAWNEE INDIANS have always been in what is now Kansas but not a part of Kansas. I still live on a reservation which is Indian Country known as SHAWNEE RESERVE 206.") .... some traveled to Canada...I have included a story as told to me by my Grandmother..."Woman and the Wolf (in the native tongue..we would say..ni-wa etc m'wheewa)...and have also included the teaching of Tecumseh...my favorite Shawnee Warrior.....and Yes I am Shawnee...

"My Shawnee Heart"
"Ki Shawanoe te-hi"


HISTORYHistory Part 1
History Part 2
Nowhere Left to Go
Relations with Other Indians
Relations with Other Indians 2
Prisoners and Captives
Daniel Boone
TREATIESTreaty of 1786 with the Shawanoe
Treaty of Greenville
Treaty of 1805
Treaty of 1815
Treaty of 1817
The Paris Peace Treaty
United States/Great Britian
CULTURECulture Part 1
Culture Part 2/Green Corn Festival
Culture Part 3/Subsistence
Culture Part 4/Technology
Wampum Beads
The Wegiwa
TO BE SHAWNEEChildren Part 1
Children Part2
Name Groups
Marriage Dance
Bark Canoe
STORIESWoman and Wolf
Why Crow is Black
White Hawk
Thunder Son
TECUMSEHTecumseh's Teaching
Tecumseh...Shawnee Warrior
Letter from Harrison 1806
The Sacred Slab 1809
Speech of 1810
Words of Fire
The Shawnee Prophet and Tecumseh
Tenskwatawa's Vision
Tecumseh's Death
PICTURESPictures Page 1
Pictures Page 2
Pictures Page 3
Native American Faces
Shawnee Warrior, Ojibwa Warrior, Cree Woman
Native American Faces
Ojibwa Warrior, Miami Warrior, Wyandot Chief
Native American Faces
Iroquois Woman, Warrior, Dancer
Nansemond Indian Tribal Pow Wow 1998
The Tunnel
MISC...Bits and Pieces
Shawnee's Opinion
Awards Page 2

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I am including a link here...to a page that has touched my "Shawnee Heart"...Please check it out...

On Being and Becoming
Journey From The Native

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"...the spirit would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears"


"The Shawnee Prophet" by R. David Edmunds, "The Shawnee" by Janet Hubbard-Brown, "The Shawnee" by Jerry E. Clark,"The Ghost Dance" by James Mooney

1997 shawnee_1@yahoo.com

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