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Hello fellow SouthBeach inhabitants! With the introduction of the Watermark, the required Geocities link on each HTML page is no longer in effect! However, many residents may still want to add a small logo to their pages to show their community pride!! *S*

What you will find here now are logos specifically for SouthBeach residents, presented to you by past and present Community Leaders and homesteaders.
The current
SouthBeach Graphics Team is a group of Community Leaders who are willing to share their talents in creating NEW logos, as well as some specific designs for the individual suburbs!!

We hope you enjoy our new format and the mixture of new and old logos!!!! *S*
As you all know, SouthBeach is currently one of Geocities most popular neighborhoods. Feel free to use these icons on your homepage, but please upload them to your own
File Manager. You can save them by:

NOTE: The SouthBeach Logo Team would like to express our sincere appreciation for your contributions, support and words of encouragement. To date there are more than 200+ SouthBeach Logos, buttons and Featured Page Logos stored in this site. Again, Thank you :) If you have any contributions to share with your SouthBeach neighbors, you can contact any member of the TEAM. Of course, appropriate recognition would be accorded to you :)

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The SouthBeach Logo Team
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