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Torus Generator for LDraw

When making parts for LDraw, a commonly needed primitive is a torus -- a disc with the center removed (think flat doughnut). Unfortunately, it's not possible to create a generally useful 'torus.dat' and store it in ldraw\p for later reference. Ldtorus will create the LDraw codes for a specific torus, and place the codes in the system clipboard (it also writes the codes to C:\TEMP\OUT.TXT, as a backup).

To install ldtorus, just download the zip archive and unzip to whatever directory you choose. Ldtorus has no requirements for other files or even for LDraw.

This is a Windows 3.1 program, but it has no user interface. To run ldtorus, choose File | Run from Program Manager or File Manager. In Windows 95, just click Start and Run. Then browse to the location of ldtorus.exe, and type the inner and outer radii for the torus, after ldtorus.exe. To make a torus with an inner radius of 3 and an outer radius of 10, the command line would look something like this:

c:\ldraw\ldtorus.exe 3 10

The output code will be for a torus located in the XZ plane, and centered on the origin. You will need to translate and rotate the torus to the correct position.

Download ldtorus

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last updated: August 18, 1997