MTFD Chief Pictures

The 1978 MTFD Chiefs: (from right to left) 1974 Chief & 1978 MTFD President George Richdale, Chief Charles Widmaier, Deputy Chief George Gremminger, 1st Assisant Chief Daniel F. Kelly, 2nd Assisant Chief William B. Miller, and 3rd Assisant Chief Charles Wilson.

The 1998 MTFD Chiefs: (from left to right) 1997 Chief Micheal Lee, Chief J. Timothy Sodon, Deputy Chief Barry Grimm, 1st Assisant Chief James Naclerio, 2nd Assisant Chief Douglas Corbet, and 3rd Assisant Chief Kevin Kane.

Father and Son: 1988 Chief Robert Grimm Sr. with his son, 1999 Chief Barry Grimm.

The 2000 MTFD Chiefs: (from left to right) 3rd Asst. Chief William J. Hibell, 2nd Asst. Chief Ron Werner, Chief James Naclerio, 1st Asst. Chief Kevin Kane, and Deputy Chief Douglas Corbet.

The 2001 MTFD Chiefs: (from left to right)Chief Douglas Corbet, Deputy Chief Kevin Kane, 1st Asst. Chief Bill Gilmartin Jr., 2nd Asst. Chief William J. Hibell, and 3rd Asst. Chief Greg Papailiou.

The 2009 MTFD Chiefs: (from left to right)Chief John Kardel, Deputy Chief John Isaksen, 1st Asst. Michael Chenawich, 2nd Asst. Chief Jack Wankel, and 3rd Asst. Chief John D'Atillio.

The 1978 photo was taken from the MTFD's 50th Anniversary Booklet(August, 1978)
The 2001 photo was taken by Andy Spears, Station 4.
The 2009 photo was taken by Trey Posten, Station 1.
All other photos were taken by Joe McCarron

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