Beaches at the Seaside

Don't expect to find find signs specifically assigning a portion on beach for nude use. Technically, "official beaches" in Romania are the various solar enclosures, completely fenced and where the sexes are segregated - hardly consistent with the naturist ideals. Still, don't be put off from using the other nude beaches listed here. They have been used by naturists for many years, so at least they gained acceptance if not official status.

Portita Navodari Mamaia
Constanta Eforie Nord - Techirghiol Eforie Nord /Sea
Eforie Sud - Techirghiol Eforie Sud /Sea Costinesti 1
Costinesti 2 Olimp Neptun - Solar
Venus 2 Mai Vama Veche

This is really a place away from it all. You can camp right on the beach. The sand is fine, but the sea was a bit muddy, when I last visited, in late August '99. NB: There is no way you can take your car there. Be prepared for a long ferry ride across the Razelm Lake.

Between the Navodari camping and Mamaia there is a stretch of dunes used by naturists. Handy if you camp in Navodari. Most people preffer nowadays Mamaia North campsite, which is closer to the resort, restaurants, discos, etc, and to the next beach in the list.

Located at the northern end of the resort. Fine sand, good swim, but over-populated by gawpers. This year it seemed a bit deserted to me. Only a handful of nudists, and a lot of them were locals.

This one is about 1 km long. The sea is clean and clear, and the beach bounded by a forest. Used mostly by the locals, since it's far from any tourist resort.

Eforie Nord - Techirghiol
By the salt lake of Techirghiol. Good if you want to sunbathe and soothe your rheumatic pains at the same time. The salt water and mud baths at Techirghiol have been used for therapeutic purposes since the Roman age.

Eforie Nord /Sea
A solar enclosure by the seaside, at the southern end of Eforie Nord resort. You can avoid the fare and the segregated sunbathing area by stripping off right outside the enclosure fence. As long as you're not the only one doing so, it's fine. In case of trouble, smile and move to the other side of the fence.

Eforie Sud - Techirghiol
Just like Eforie Nord - Techirghiol, only a mile down south.

Eforie Sud /Sea
A small portion of beach just outside Eforie Sud, at the northern end.

Costinesti 1
This one is at the northern end of Costinesti. Clean, sandy and an excellent swim. Populated mostly by young people, since Costinesti is by tradition a youth resort.

Costinesti 2
At the southern end of Costinesti, under a steep coast lies this small cove used by naturists. Sandy, plus a few pebbles on the sea bed. Lots of yogi around lately.

Not very clean, not very sandy either, but within walking distance from one of the most fashionable resorts - Olimp. Right below the camping, at the northern end of the resort.

You can find a solar enclosure here, right in the middle of the resort.

A small portion of beach between Venus and Jupiter is used by naturists. As with the other beaches, there are no signs, and the status is unclear. Problem is worse here, because being between the two resorts, it's like stripping off in the middle of a public road. Use your common sense and don't forget safety comes in numbers.

2 Mai
At the southern end of the village you will find a clothing optional campsite. Not very big, it gets very crowded in the high season. The beach itself is sandy and the sea bed covered in pebbles. Camping facilities are very basic, but nudity is OK all times, all around the place.

Vama Veche
A stone throw from the bulgarian border, the nude beach is before you enter the village. Unfortunately, people started camping on the beach, and the whole place is now mixed. Otherwise, this used to be a very quiet and pleasant place to stay. I spent most of my university holidays here and in 2 Mai.

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