The Beeg Beeg Family!!!!!!

Our new graduation pic!!! nice or not?

Top from left to right...Sabrina, Jean, Esther Mama, lao gong(long story...she's our lao gong and papa at the same time), Hongzheng. and Crystal.

From left to right...Sabrina, Jean, Esther Mama, Hongzheng, me, and Crystal. This was taken at our school's traditional food and fun fair this year. Okie, so it isn't our best picture. Wait till I get our grad pics up!!! Heh

Yup yup, this is THE page that this family of mine has been awaiting for. Yup, this is....OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!

Our dearest family consists of:

Esther Mama (The motherly one....APA THEN???!!! If not how to be mother???)
Sabrina(Sabby) Da jie (The one with the smiley face...she knows what I mean!!! heh)
Jean Er jie (The dotty one...go figure it out!)
Hongzheng San jie (The FAST one...cannot catch one!!!)
ME!!!!!...That is, si jie to xiao mei. heehee (The should I describe myself? Ah...the weirdest one. that's it.)
and last but not least, the always adorable xiao mei!!!--> That's Crystal

History of the family: history meh? I also dunnoe how the family got formed actually.....

Most popular rumour about the family:

Mama claims we were either a)adopted (when she's in a good mood) or b)picked up from various dustbins around Singapore (that's when we irritate her too much).
But of course.....WE ALL KNOW BETTER, right, my four sisters??? Heh
We are convinced that we have a father from.....Heheh. Not telling. Mama will slaughter me if she reads this. Hahaha.

Our different interests

Esther Mama What does she like? hmmm....I gotta go ask her sometime...Heh. But at any rate, I know she loves her computer. She likes ircing. And latest news: congratulations to Mama, who is now studying in her dream course at her dream school (RJC commerce!!!).
Irc nickname: elsh

Da jie likes football (ardent supporter of TBUFC, by the way), Fandi Ahmad, singing, Mavis Fan....But her favourite singer by far is Eric Suen (ah, now you know why I say she's the one with the smiley face). Luckily, we others like other singers. Heeheehee. Da jie is now studying in the commerce stream at ACJC.

Er jie likes sporty stuff...if we were the Spice Girls, she'd be Sporty Spice (But don't worry, we're not planning to be like them). She is also an ardent supporter of TBUFC...She and Da Jie are both very "on" about TBUFC one!!!! heehee. Erm...what else? Her favourite movie star is Brad Pitt, and her favourite football player? Lim Tong Hai lah!!! The tall tall one. She ICQs and ircs as well. Er Jie now awaits her summons in July to her accountancy course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic...
Irc nickname: Junila (Don't ask me. Go figure. And she's not Malay, by the way, so don't ask her that, like so many people have done already.

San Jie.....likes lots of things. She's very sporty, used to be in gymnastics, and is a combined Schools athlete. She also plays a mean game of squash, from what I hear. Don't ask me to experience it, coz I have no ball sense!!! She likes Weng Qing Hai(Vincent Ng, the wushu guy), Matthew Lawrence, TOM CRUISE!!! heheh. San jie is still running, this time at NJC though...:( She's in the commerce stream as well.
Irc nicknames: olio, offcue's my turn at last. Well, if you've bothered to read my All About Me page, you'd know all about me. But anyway, just to repeat: I like to laze around being as useless as possible. Heeheehee. Oh, and I like to watch Friends!!! My only peeve is that TCS shows it sooo late at night...:( And I like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Backstreet Boys and, most recently, a Cantonese singer called Su Yong Kang, or So Wing Hong. He's not VERY well-known, but he's really good. Trust me. :) Right now, Im' a happy but dao student in the arts stream at AJC.
Irc nicknames: BuBbLeTeA, BuBbLyTeA, Sobbie

Last but certainly not least, Xiao mei. She enjoys watching football matches, hanging around doing nothing (like me), reading... She's one of the most "ON" people I've ever met. :) Very enthusiastic and game for anything...well, almost anything. She likes Steven Tan (Her beloved 14) and two of the Lawrence brothers, Matthew and Andrew. Xiao Mei has broken the family tradition like me, and is now in the arts stream at AJC as well (notice how everyone else does commerce??)
Irc nicknames: meek_14, twerpet

And in case you're wondering about email addresses, sorry, I can't give any out, though we all have one. We hate junk mail!!! following an extremely bad experience which happened to Jean, Hongzheng, Crystal and me. The wretched girl (whom we don't even know, by the way) sent us about fifty mails at a time, and she sends EVERYthing in her mailbox. We even get her "RETURNED MAIL" emails!!!!Geez!
BUT, if you really want any of our addies, well, I'd have to check with them on this, but I suppose it'll be okie if you mail to me and I forward it on to them. I will forward it on of course, but I don't guarantee replies.