Hazel's Boyzone Page Award

This is an award for other Boyzone websites. It will be given to most websites that apply providing they meet a few criteria (Have been updated in the last year and contain more than a few pictures and "Hi, my name is XYZ, I love Boyzone and here's some cool links" for example.) To nominate a site send an e-mail to hazelnicholson@hotmail.com with the name of the site, the address, the webmasters name and the webmasters e-mail.

{Hazel's Boyzone Page Award}

The following sites have won this award so far:


Ronan Keating World Organization

Clio's Boyzone Page

Boyzone Galaxy

Boyzone Fanzone

Corinne's Boyzone Page

IPG's Boyzone Dreamworld

Kate's Boyzone Page

Isa's Boyzone Site

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