Pen Pals

To advertise for a Pen Pal here send an e-mail with the subject "Pen Pals" to Include your name, e-mail address, age, country, a description of yourself and the sort of pen pal you would like.

Hiya! My name's Sally and I'm a mad Boyzone fan but my fave has to be Ronan. I'm 14 and I live in England. I also like B*Witched, Leann Rimes and Leo DiCaprio. I'm looking for a Boyzone mad pen pal of any age from any country.

Name: Clare

Age: 15

E-mail address:

Country: England

Description: I am from Bournemouth and I love Ronan the best but love them all. My best song is Picture Of You. I am looking for a penpal; the same age with similar interests.

Hi, my name is Chicara. I am a 15 year old South African girl who loves Boyzone. My fave member is Steve. I am looking for a penpal of any sex between the ages of 13-18 from any country. I also like the Backstreet Boys, 5ive, 911, All Saints and Spice Girls. My fave things to watch on TV are MTV, Ally McBeal, Dawsons Creek, Friends and Sweet Valley. E-mail me at

Name: Harriet Robson

Age: 13

Lives: Near Edinburgh, Scotland

Likes: Boyzone (DU-UH!), Glasgow Rangers, B*Witched and pizza!

Dislikes: Spice Girls (Bleurgh), BSB and mushrooms

Type of penpal wanted: M/F, 12+, must like Boyzone, from anywhere in the world!!

Oops, I almost forgot!! My e-mail addy is

Name: Barbara

Age: 14


Country: Philippines

Description: I'll write to anyone from anywhere!!!

Name: Jasmin Shrestha

Age: 17

Country: Nepal


Hobbies: Other than listening to BZ music and collecting BZ stuff I like to fight tooth and nails with anyone who so much as badmouths Boyzone. I also like reading and movies and making friends.

My e-mail addy:

My post addy: Jasmin Shrestha, P. O. Box 5944, Kathmandu, Nepal

Name: Ivy

Age: 16


Country: Philippines

Description of myself: I'm a big Ronan fan. My new hobby is collecting Ronan/BZ posters and stuff. I need a pal who can send me Ronan pics and posters and also I can swap stuff and be friends w/.

Name: Eva Didriksson

Age: 26

E-mail address:

Country: Sweden

Description: I love Boyzone, my interests are music, dancing, going to the cinema, more artists that I like is Mariah Carey, Hanson and more.

TV series that I like is Little House on the Prairie, Road to Avonlea, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Young riders, I like adventure series a lot, my favourite actor is Harrison Ford.

Name: Heather Love

Country: America

Age 13

Description: I know the person who wrote the latest song (not released yet) for Boyzone. My fave group is a US group Backstreet Boys and N*Sync!

Pen-Pal: Anyone who will be my pen-pal!

Hi, everybody! My name is Ely. I'm from Bulgaria and I'm 14 years old. My fave BZ member is Steve. I'm looking for a pen pal from 13 to 20 years old, and there's no matter who's his/her fave BZ member. I just want him/her to write me. My e-mail address is Bye, bye!

Name: Dane

Age: 15

Country: US of A

E-mail address:

Likes: Boyzone (duh!), All Saints (they rock!), Matchbox20 (Rob Thomas is soo good!), The Wallflowers (same goes for Jakob Dylan *sigh*), Googoo Dolls (Iris is so tight!), Madonna (Don't care what you say: she's in her forties, has a baby, slightly weird at times, and yet she's still awesome!!!!), 98 Degrees (What can I say? Simply great!!!) and Kevin Richardson (The sexiest and the only fanciable man in BSB).

Dislikes: 5ive (idiotic and moronic), Claire Danes (tactless mouth), Mariah Carey (No comment!!!), James van der Beek aka Dawson in Dawson's Creek (How do you say yuck in 72 languages?) and Howie from BSB (ummm...pass!!!!!)

Description: I'm not really very picky in my e-pals, I mean I pretty much talk to anyone who wants to be pals with me regardless of country or age or race or sex. But if you like N'Sync and 5ive.....well, I guess we won't agree. No offence, but I'm not exactly crazy about them. But if you're a mad BZ fan like me, well mail me!!! A reply is 100%sure!!!! BOYZONE ROCKS.....

Name: Sa'adiah

E-mail Address:

Age: 15 years old

Country: Brunei Darussalam

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Boyzone penpal of any age from any country. I also like Backstreet Boys, 911 and The Moffats. Feel free to write me an e-mail and I will definitely reply your e-mail ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Nural Syatirah Safran

Age: 17+

Likes: Boyzone, Five, Robbie and lots of other ppl.

Msg: Looking for people from all over the world to be my mates.

Home add: E-mail me and ask for it!

Hi! I'm a huge Boyzone fan from the Phillipines looking for other mad fans from around the world. I luv RO to bits. Hope to hear from you all soon. Get writing, a reply is guaranteed.

Name: Helen

Age: 15

Country Phillipines


ICQ: 14392401

Name: Claire Williams

Age: 15

Country: England


Anyone who wants a friend please write to me. I love Steve Gately as well as Green Day, Ash, The Offspring and Stereophonics. My other loves are Ewan Magregor, Dawson Leery and Colin from Grange Hill (isn't he just the cutest!).

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm a huge fan of Bz esp. Roro Keating. I'm 17 and I'm searching for new pals esp. from Ireland and the USA. So, if you're interested in writing, swapping and having fun with me send a mail or letter to Sasa&Roro, Rue Blondeau 13, 5000 Namur, Belgium

My names Marika Ristonmaa, I'm 17 and from Finland. I'm interested in movies, music, emailing, reading, other cultures and nature. I'm fan of Boyzone, but not a huge fan, I just like their music. I hope to get some new penpals who might share my interests. Email me at

Hiya! My name's Rhiannon and I'm 11 years old. I love music especially Boyzone ( They rule! ) I also like S Club 7 , Westlife , Steps and most other music. I LOVE Steve Gatley. I hate Hansan , Oasis , The Moffats and stuff like that. I'd like pen pals male or female that are Boyzone crazy from 11 +. SEE YA!


Name: Bernie Colling

E mail:


Country: UK, London

I work at MTV in Oxford street, and I am looking for any male or female pen pals , 25 yrs and older who share my admiration for Stephen

hi i'm Steve i'm 9 years old i like football and i really like sitting on my bed and playing my boyzone albums i really want to meet boyzone i wish i could. so i'm looking for someone about the same age as me and who likes the same things. My e-mail adress is

Name: Anna

Age: 16

E-mail address:

I'm a big fan of Boyzone but also of the Backstreet Boys! I love any kind of music actually! I would love to hear from you! Doesnt matter what age, boy or girl or what country you come from! If somebody cares (?) I saw the Backstreet Boys the fifth of August>> 5/8 - 99. Have got nice pictures from that! and I saw Boyzone the fourth of June>> 4/6 - 99. Have pictures from that too! I can send them to you if you want (?) And a little thing more. I`M FROM SWEDEN !!!!!!!

Stacy Jones


15 years old

I'm here to have a great time chatting nonstop about the Boyz with any one 14 or older.

My name is Katie, I'm 13 years old, and live in the USA. I'm a big fan of Boyzone and the Backstreet Boys. My fave member of Boyzone in Stephen and faves of BSB is AJ and Brian. Doesn't matter what age or gender.

Hi Everyone my name is Chloe i live in England i Love Boyzone i have been to many concerts i have posters to swap my fave BZer is Ro (OF course!) i also like Westlife and BSB. I love ro's solo song and can't wait til steves comes out (excuse the Pun!) i am a wacky zany 14 year old wanting a wacky zany boyzone fan for her pen pal! Ta Chloe ( (109 Mintfields rd, Beverley, East yorkshire, England, Hu17 OQZ)

NAME: Sarah Wright

AGE: 14

COUNTRY:England (Southampton)

Hi my name's Sarah. I would like pen pals of any age. I like all the boyz the same. I like lots of bands. Anyone who has any goss and is rockin' like me is welcome at

Hi!! I am Diva from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. I am 18 years.I am interested in music and a massive,masive fan of boyzone. I am looking for penpals with similar interests.Please e-mail me at



e-mail address:


description: female, happy-go-lucky, friendly.

penpals: age and sex doesn`t matter, friendly, outgoing.

Name: Emilie

Age: 13 in March 2000

E-mail address:

Country: Sweden

I'm soon to become a teenager. I have two siblings, a sister and a brother. My absolute favourite bands are Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Westlife and some others. Write to me and maybe we can swap pictures and memories of their concerts. I saw BSB and Boyzone this summer, that is where I took the pictures. Please write to me! I'm waiting! Love Em!

Hi ya! My name is Laura. I'm a 14 years old girl from Germany. My hobbies are:Music (Ronan Keating),my dogs,swimming,shopping,my friends, going to the cinema (Blair Witch Project is ace!),singing and dancing. I want some new pen pals who don't need two years to reply an e-mail or a letter. Your age doesn't matter if younger or older than me, I don't mind! It would be nice if you'd love Ronan Keating.Well, that's not necessary, though. My e-mail addy is: (it's terrible, isn't it?) I'm waiting for your e-mails! Love Laura xxx

Hi, my name is Sarah Freeman, I'm 21 years old & I love BZ especially Ro and Steve. I'm from Reading. I also like Westlife, Martine McCutcheon and Steps. I don't mind what age or gender pen pals I get though I would like one or two from Ireland. Hope to speak soon!!!!

Hello! My name is Daniele, I'm 22 years old girl from BRAZIL and I love Boyzone (my fav. boys are Ronan and Stephen), Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Erasure and some others. My hobbies are: listen music, concerts, watch tv, read and correspond with friends. I would like to correspond with brazilian fans and fans all over the world. I'll aswer all e-mail. Write to me. My e-mail is: Daniele

Hiya!! My names Stephanie and I come from N. Ireland. I'm Boyzone mad and my fave has got to be Ronan. I also like Westlife and Steps. My fave in Westlife is Bryan and Shane. Love some penpals male or female from anywhere in the world. E-mail real soon.

Name: Sarah Hill

Age: 13 in September 2000

Country: Birmingham in England

Hi, I am mad about Boyzone. I like Ronan the best. I hate BSB and Five. Looking for a pen pal of any age and from any country.

Hello! My name is Isabel Hughes from Ireland,and I'm looking for someone between 11-13 who is MAAAD about Boyzone!! My favourite is Stephen. I also like Basketball Soccer, Swimming,and I love The Simpsons, and South Park! But I HATE Westlife! Please get typing soon!!! P.S I'm 12 years old.

Name: Alana Baker

Age: 17, turning 18 in May 2000

Email address:

Loves: Boyzone, Westlife, 98 degrees, Ultra, Ricky Martin, Backstreet boys, FRIENDS, Dawson's Creek, Ally McBeal, Neighbours (Australian show), Just Shoot Me, Writing, Reading about Ronan +Boyzone and swimming in hot weather

Dislike: I don't really have anything to dislike

Description: I'm looking for a penpal of any age, any one who really love Boyzone. My fave Boyzone member is Ronan Keating cause his voice brightens up my day when I'm having a bad one, and he is cute. So I would love you to write to me, talk about Ronan and the guys. Thanks

Hey! My name in Annie Roberts and I'm looking for fans of the TV show "Dawson's Creek". Now, I'm a 40-something single gal who loves to write stories and scripts and I'm totally hung up on this show. I also LOVE baseball (Atlanta Braves) and football (Green Bay Packers). I collect moose items and travel whenever I can. I'd like a pal who would love to write stories with me and/or share stories. I'll do this via email or snail mail. Please, only serious folks and if your young, I don't really care as long as you love what I love and can carry on a decent conversation. Teenagers aren't stupid! Hops to hear from someone! Annie

name: sarah

age: 16

e-mail address:

lives: Spennymoor, co.durham, england

likes: boyzone 100% esp. ronan

wants: penpals in the north east and north yorkshire area and of any age.

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